I know yoga wasn’t on the list that I wrote in the begin but it’s something that I’ve always wanted to do. I went actually a really long time ago, it was still chilly outside when I went. I went really early in the morning before work one day, it was really weird at the start because you’re not allow to talk in the room. Everyone just walks in and lays down and starts to relax, eventually the instructor walks in and starts talking in a really calm voice. It was really fun and I enjoyed it a lot, the only problem is is that you need a membership for the place I went to which was really expensive. Maybe I’ll save up for it and that way I can do it more often since in the summer I can go whenever I want pretty much.

During it I got sick because the sun came up and it was making me extremely hot since it was already got yoga to begin. I stuck it out though and finished it.

You feel absolutely amazing after it, you sweat all the bad out of your skin and in my case that is a good thing since I’m always in chlorine water. I felt awake, happy and relaxed. I just wish I could be a more healthy person which I’m still trying to work on. It’s not going so well at all, but I want to have a night body for me and for my guy.


Blue Jays Game

First off when I went to the game they had a 11 game winning streak! I mean they were on a roll, it was friggen sweet. Now everyone that knows me knows that I am a big Jays fan, I mean I’m playing MLB online and I just got the rogers centre! Yes, I am that sad. Anyways so we get there and it was suppose to rain. We went two hours early because they were giving away free beach towel and I wanted one. 

We walked around and got food to waste time. When were first got there the dome was only half open, which means we were covered from the cloudy-ness. By the time it was one hour to the game it was open fully and it got extremely hot. They humidity was 83% and it felt like 40 degrees outside. I sadly got extremely burnt on my legs but the Jays won and I got a towel. A good time was had by all! My jersey is now gross and needs to be washed badly! 




The Edge Walk


I did the Toronto Edge walk awhile ago but it was actually so fun. The day started off with my at my guys house and me missioning home to miss the bus. What a great start, I know. But don’t worry, I made it to the go station to meet my friend and we were off!

My other friends were coming aswell but they were late. Typical! It’s okay because they made it too! I didn’t eat before the walk which was probably a good thing because I am so scared of heights. Anyways, we go in to sign in and get our name things, I also saw my friend that works there and said hey to her. I was so pumped! We went in to get our suits on then learn the rules and what we can and can not do.


(The group all ready to go up the elevator)

After we were all ready, we went up the elevator which they talked a little. Then when we got to the top they hooked us up to the things to hold us up. My hands were shaking at this point but I was also very excited. Before we knew it the adventure began!


This is the group that I went with! It was so much fun and I wish I could do it all over again! I really suggest you should do it!