All I’ve ever wanted…

  1. To fall completely in loveImage
  2. To be happy. 
  3. To own a mini cooper countrymanImage
  4. To own my own small, cute house.
  5. To be able to play fastpitch foreverImage
  6. To be fit. 
  7. To have the motivation to go to the gym every/every other day. 
  8. To have a planned mistake (as my boyfriend puts it…)
  9. To feel healthy.
  10. Complete all my goals.
  11. Have a cool ass wedding with a sick corset dress. 
  12. To make this the one of many best Christmas’ for my boyfriend. 
  13. To have a great new year kiss (for once)
  14. To not completely fuck up a relationship somehow. 
  15. To be able to talk to people without being awkward and really shy. 
  16. To be interesting and outgoing. 
  17. To never lose my weirdness. 
  18. To be confident with myself and what I do. 
  19. To have motivation to get things done like my G2 for example. 
  20. Not to be rich, but to be wealthy. 


You better catch up.

I haven’t really been around lately because everything has been so busy. I’ve been working my butt off, dealing with my boyfriend’s chameleon, Christmas shopping, Christmas tree and Xbox one came out this week. I have stories for all of them and I will catch you up! 

There’s nothing much to say about work, it’s work, it’s boring and stupid. I’ve already talked about the chameleon so if you missed out on that look at the post before this one! 

Now Christmas shopping! I finally went a got some more shopping completed, I’m not completely finished but maybe if I go one more time and I will be done but I’m going to have to focus and just rack up the bills to pay for all of this. I have most of my family done, I have like half things done which is actually so annoying but it’ll do. The only problem is I still have my boyfriend to buy for and I have no idea what I want to actually get him. I have ideas but they all turn out to be clothes and I feel like that is completely lame. I also need to start thinking of what to get him for his birthday! I hate that his birthday is right after Christmas and the same week as valentines day. Anyways, I’ve wrapped like two gifts – only semi wrapped – but once I have all my gifts I’m going to wrap them all of and not have to worry about anything. It’s going to take me while like I said before since I work for the stupid City of Brampton and we get paid just above min wage.

Christmas tree! Now a view years ago I went to Ikea with my sister and there was a mini tree on sale, I thought it was so cute and I was buying stuff for when I move out at the time. I told my mum that this year we should set up both trees, the only problem was for my tree I had nothing to put on it. So yesterday my mum took me to the mall and bought all the decorations to put on my tree. It actually looks cool – well I think it does. I made the tree have all outdoor things on it so, racoons, foxes, moose, deer, wood, red and black things. It just looks cool to me. I didn’t want to have a girly tree espically if I move out with my boyfriend. 



Alright, xbox one came out Friday night/morning. Let me just tell you what I did for my boyfriend to get this xbox. I worked open to close on Thursday, that’s 645a-930p and I was up at 545a. After work my boyfriend picks me up, brings me to his house and I shower. We then go get food, and eat it in the parking lot with his brother and friend. We watched walmart close then we go get our chairs and sat outside the doors for 8 hours straight. They weren’t selling them until 7am and there was only 12 xboxs. I must say it was pretty fun, we have 7 people there just chilling outside the doors all night. I was up for 24 hours straight which I have no idea how I did but I did it! I tweeted, “Up for 24 hours straight and sat in line for 8 hours for Xbox One #thingsIdoformyboyfriend.” I am honestly the best girlfriend ever and did I mention that I paid for it! Yup. I’m awesome. 


Remember how I wrote about how my boyfriend and I had a sick chameleon? Well we took her to the vet and they gave her some medicine and told her that she has to lay eggs that were not fertile. She pretty much got her period but since she didn’t lay them before she got sick from them and had no energy to lay them. The other day, I believe it was the 21st she died in the morning. 

R.I.P Pumpkin. 


Sick Chameleon

Today was a bad day, my friend noticed that our new chameleon – that I posted before – has gotten sick. Her eyes are sunken in, she’s having trouble breathing, disoriented, and has zero strength. She kept falling in her cage then today she went all white, we sprayed her a lot but she wouldn’t drink, we looked online and it said to shower her. As my boyfriend went to turn onto the shower, she started to fall and I just caught her in time. When she was in the shower she seemed like she was doing a lot better, she was moving around, and it seemed like she was drinking the water. 

We looked online and it said that she may have a respiratory problem and she needs to go to the doctor asap, we called every reptile vet around our area and none of them were in until the morning. Now my boyfriend is going to go into the morning before work. We think the shower thing helped, he told me that her eyes are sunken in anymore but she still is just chilling on the floor. 

I will keep you updated! 

Christmas Madness

I can’t remember if I wrote about Christmas in my last post, I think I wrote about me starting to shop that’s about it so let me begin!

I started my Christmas shopping last weekend and I have only gotten two gifts; not even two gifts I got one gift and part of the second one. I went shopping with my bestfriend, I think we spent most of our 5 hour shopping in Target, they had some pretty cool stuff.

I have about 20 people that I need to buy for and I don’t get paid that much because I work for the City of Brampton. Everyone thinks if you work for the city you get paid a lot of money, that used to be the case back when I was in high school because minimum wage was so low. Now because there is a freeze on the wage I get just above minimum wage. Brampton is the only city that pays so low for swimming instructors, lifeguards and deck supervisors, it’s honestly so sad because I had to do 5 months of UNPAID training and about 6-7 classes that each cost $80-$150, which I have to update every 2 years. Which is to say that I don’t have the money to updated anything because I don’t get paid enough.

The reason why I am so stressed and worried about this Christmas madness is because I don’t get paid a lot which I only get paid every 2 weeks and I have 20 people to buy for. I have 3-4 pays left before Christmas which I have to somehow make it work.

For some reason I am excited about Christmas this year, I think it’s because my boyfriend’s mum already has her Christmas stuff up around the house. I started my shopping early because not only the money but because I’m excited about it. I think I’m just excited to get everyone to open their gifts from me and hope that they like them. I mostly want to make my boyfriend’s gift the best one but right now it seems kind of lame. In my head it seemed like it was great because it’s all the things he said he wanted since I’ve met him but as I lay it out it’s all clothes. I’m excited for his mum to open her gift because I want her to stop thinking that I don’t like her, I don’t even care if she doesn’t get me anything which I don’t want her too since I will feel bad but if she does I’m sure I will like it.

My mother only puts her Christmas stuff up about the first week of December, but this year because I bought myself a small tree my mum said that I could put it up and we could have two trees and be all fancy! The only problem is that I have to spend more money on getting decorations for it. I was in the Bay’s Christmas stuff and I saw a tree that was made up of all lumberjack stuff. I loved it and I decided that I wanted to do that for my tree. Now my tree is small and the ornaments are normal size and depending on how much they are will tell me how many of them I will get. Target also has a red and grey ornaments thing which I am going to pick up because I think they will end up matching. I just have to go get them!

Christmas is so far away but this is just the start of my craziness that you will hear about!

MIA/Pumpkins and Halloween

I’ve been crazy busy with life lately and I haven’t really had a time to just sit down and write/blog. I’m either working, trying to see my boyfriend (which is hard lately), doing things for my mum or figuring out all this Christmas shopping that I need to get a head start on. 

Work has been crazy busy and stupid because of my boss and some parents; I already wrote about that in my previous post. My boyfriend got a second job so now it’s even harder to see each other but were making it work, since I’m home all the time when I’m not working I’ve just been trying to get shit done so my mum isn’t so stressed. 

For some reason this year I’ve been getting excited about Christmas and getting everyone gifts, today I bought my first gift! I’m actually proud of myself because I’ve never started my shopping this early but since Halloween is over I can now start. All the stores are going to have their Christmas stuff out. 

Now for Halloween I didn’t get to go to a party or anything because both my boyfriend and I are broke and we had to work at night. Which is okay because I dressed up as a cat for the pool, but before I went to work I had a big break in between my shifts, so I told my sister to get pumpkins and we’ll carve them. Ever since we stopped going out for candy be just made the pumpkin thing a big deal. We normally cheat and print of something on the internet to carve out but this year we decided to go free hand. We could look at the internet for inspiration but then we had to draw it out on our own. 

My sister’s first one was bad, it was suppose to be a raven but it ended up looking like a chicken. So she just turned it around and started over to get this….



I decided to draw something on my own sort of. I drew it on a napkin first then I carefully drew it out on the pumpkin, it actually took my so long to draw it on cause I really wanted it to turn out nice. I ended up with this….


Now it wasn’t suppose to come out looking cute but it did and I like it that way. I was going to do diamonds at the bottom but I thought that would be too much so I didn’t. 

My sister and I make pumpkin carvings a competition every year, so please tell me which one you like better. 1 being the first pictures and 2 being the second picture!