Throw Back Thursday: Beauty and the Beast

“Beauty and the Beast is a 1991 American animated musical romantic fantasy film produced by Walt Disney Feature Animation and released by Walt Disney Pictures.” Said Wikipedia.


It’s about a Prince who is pretty much self centered that gets a curse put on him, that curse turns him into a beast and the only way to break the curse is for him to love another and earn her love in return. The Beasts servants are turned into household items that can talk caused by the curse; he is also given a magic mirror that can see into the future and a rose that acts as his timer.

character01 - beast

(The Beast)

Ten years later there’s a bookworm girl named Belle and her father Maurice. One day her father gets into trouble and Belle goes to save him but stumbles into the Beast – that’s when their magical story begins.



This is my favourite Disney “princess” movies out of all of them. I just wish they sold adult Halloween costumes of Belle so I could wear it!

If you haven’t seen the movie please watch it, in fact watched all the old Disney movies!

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Throw Back Thursday: The Magic School Bus

The Magic School Bus was an animated children’s television show that was based of a book series by Joanna Cole and Bruce Begen. The TV show premiered in 1994 and it was pretty much a fun way to learn about science.


The Magic School Bus took place at a school and on their bus. Their teacher, Ms. Frizzle, took her kids Ralphie Tennelli, Carlos Ramon, Phoebe Terese, Kessha Franklin, Tim Jamal, Dorothy Ann, Janet Perlstein, Wanda Li, and Arnold Matthew Perlstein on science adventures!


The show talks about a 100 different things so you can’t just pick one, it was 100% a great way to learn about science; I have friends who knew stuff before they were taught it in school all because they watched The Magic School Bus!

I loved this show, so check it out on YouTube if you real like watching more and let me know what you think!

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Throw Back Thursday: Barney & Friends

Barney & Friends was an American television series that featured a purple Tyrannosaurus Rex who conveys educational messages through songs and small dance routines. The first episode aired April 6th, 1992, says Wikipedia.


Barney was the main character that everyone knew and loved when they were kids, when they turned into a teenager we all started to think he was pretty creepy.



Baby Bop is a three year old green Triceratops, she wears a pink bow while always carrying a yellow security blanket.


(Baby Bop)

B.J is the big brother to Baby Bop, he is a seven year old Protoceratops that always wears a red baseball cap and red sneakers. Why B.J is a different dinosaur is beyond me but we didn’t know what as kids.



Riff was an orange six year old Protoceratops who wears green sneakers.



Each dinosaur had their own songs and interest that taught kids ages 1 to 8 years old.

Now I don’t personally remember watching this as a kid but my mum tells me I loved this show and would watch it all the time.

Let me know if you watched this show or if you had kids that watched it!

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(All pictures taken from Google, Info from Wikipedia Barney and Friends page)

The Body Shop’s Tea Tree Product Review

Hey everyone! I am the sister of Maeg and will be writing a guest review on some of The Body Shop’s Tea Tree Products.

I was recommended to try this products from my mother and stepfather; as I not only have some light acne but also have blemishes to the point where my entire face is red.

Three of the products I will be writing about I purchased in a set for $ 36.00 CDN. They included the Tea Tree Skin Clearing Facial Wash, the Tea Tree Clearing Toner, and finally the Tea Tree Skin Clearing Lotion.

Tea Tree Skin Clearing Facial Wash


I enjoyed this product as it does clear away the dirt in your skin when you use it. I use this product while in the shower allowing my pores to open up more ensuring that the product will remove any excess oils.

Tea Tree Skin Clearing Toner


Out of all the Tea Tree products I’ve tried so far this has to be my favourite. I use this not only for my face but my body as well. If I have a few zits creep up on me I just use this product and within a few days they are gone. Definitely removes any excess dirt from the any. Best advice apply with a clean cloth. The only downside to this product is you have to shake it every time in order to activate the ingredients.

Tea Tree Skin Clearing Lotion


I honestly do not use this product much as the rest of the line, as it has moisturizing ingredients. I would only recommend this product if you have dry skin.

There are three remaining products that I have tested out and they are as follows:

Tea Tree Squeaky Clean Scrub


I use this product only once to twice a week. I’ve had some pretty bad experiences in the past with exfoliators or scrubs, because of this I didn’t want to over do it with this product. Most scrubs I’ve used in the past have dried out my face. This scrub is not as harsh as those, and does contain some moisturizing features. This product cost $15.00.

Tea Tree Gel


I use this as a spot treatment for  my blemishes. I do have rosacea so I am constantly red in the face. This gel does do the job, however it does not do anything in terms of zits or acne. This product cost $11.00.

Tea Tree Blemish Fade Night Lotion


This product is great for blemishes and super easy to use. All you do is put the lotion on before bed (enough to cover your entire face) and go to sleep. When you wake up the next morning you are completely blemish free. I would highly recommend this product for anyone who doesn’t want to do a lot of work in order to get a blemish free face. This product cost $19.00.

Thanks for reading, until next time.


Throw Back Thursday: Elefun

Elefun was an elephant that had a long plastic trunk that propelled paper butterflies out of it, it came with nets that you use to catch as money butterflies as you could before they touched the floor. This game was made in 1993 but was remade and released a bunch of different times, they even have a spin off called, “Elefun Busy Ball Popper.”


I remember playing Elefun like it was yesterday! I was a pretty short kid so I always had to look up but it was still the best game. I remember my sister didn’t always want to play with me but it was fine since you could play on your own.

The worst part about this game was that the trunk was so long! Getting the game started took awhile for me because you had to hold it up, turn it on and make sure the trunk filled with air so it would stay up. That wasn’t the easiest task when you’re a short kid.

In the end there was no real complaints about this game, I thought it was the best and had great fun with it!

Let me know if you had this game and what you thought of it!

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Becoming A Lifeguard: Little Did We Know

When I was younger and I went to a pool, beach or saw lifeguards on TV I thought it was the best job anyone could have. I mean come on, you’re in the sun, tanning in a bathing suit all day long, it doesn’t even sound like you’re working. Little did I know that when I grew up I was going to become a lifeguard, I also didn’t know what I was in for.

When I first started to train to be a lifeguard I didn’t know how many steps there was going to be, I did five months of training that I paid for to get this job, and forty volunteer hours. I got hired at the City of Brampton in April 2010, all the trainings were way different back than and it was all the training my friends and I did, these new guards have things easy.

The first step to becoming a lifeguard is getting your Bronze Medallion and Emergency First Aid with CPR-B. This course cost $116.15 and that’s not including the book that cost minimum $15 you NEED to do the course or else you will be completely lost.

The second step is getting yet another form of first aid, this one is called Bronze Cross and Standard First Aid with CPR-C, this isn’t the highest form of first aid, this is your basic training to pretty much prepare you for when EMS arrives. This course cost $162.10 and of course there’s a book that goes with this one as well.

The third step! This one you need to be a minimum of 14 years of age and have taken Bronze Cross (and passed the course). This step is called Assistant Instructor and it cost $95.60 plus additional fees for the book you need. When I first started working they actually had a position you could get paid for as an assistant instructor and they had a requirement that you needed to complete 40 hours of volunteering as an assistant. They for some reason took this step out and now all the instructors get thrown into the next step not having any idea of what they are getting into.

The fourth step is similar to the third step but a little bit more work, this step is called Swim and Lifesaving Instructor. All this course focuses on is, how to teach, and correcting your own strokes, I mean you can’t teach swimming if you completely suck at it right? This course you must be the age of 16 years old, have taken your Bronze Cross, and cost $164.45 (not including the massive binder of books you need for this course).

For some reason in the City of Brampton you are required to have your Airway Management (5th step by the way), imagine 16 year olds playing with an oxygen tank that could break through a concrete wall if dropped. Would you want kids doing this around your body? I don’t like the fact that we have to have this but we do so I have this qualification, this course you only need your Standard First Aid (basic first aid) and have $61.75.

You can get a job with all these qualifications but you won’t get many hours because there’s only so many instructional shifts. Most people who have been instructors for at least a year go the next step and get their lifeguarding qual.

To be a Lifeguard you need to be 16 years of age, have taken your Bronze Cross and Standard First aid with CPR-C and have $163.65 (additional for the book). In this course you learn the techniques to saving someone in the water, spinals and how to work in a team. This course includes your AED qualification, for those of you who don’t know what an AED is, it’s that thing you see in movies when people yell “CLEAR!” then shock the person. When I first started the AED wasn’t included with this course, you had to pay separate for it.

Every pool has a Deck Supervisors, they’re the person who knows all the rules, who’s in charge of all the instructors or guards and all the people in the water or on deck – needless to say this is a big responsibility. Of course this course cost $91.10 and is pretty much pointless. I took this because I was made a DS but never had the qual, I learnt more on my own then I did in this course, but we need it. For most people this is the highest they will ever go in the “poolie” world, they either stay at this position until they want to move on in life or they go even higher into actually teaching all the courses I just wrote about.

You just spent roughly a $1,000+ to get a job that only pays you minimum wage.

Here’s the catch, all those qualifications listed above expire every two years, that means we have to redo all those courses every two years. The good part was most of the time we either got it for free or 20% off the course, until they took that away from us. Yes, now that means every two years we have to pay roughly $1,000 to keep our jobs. When I first started working we would get raises every year, it was only a couple of cents but at least it was slowly going up as you moved up in the business, that only happened the first year I worked for the city. After that they made a pay freeze, meaning no more raises you get minimum wage, for four years now they’ve told us that we were going to get more money, they keep telling us oh it’s going to happen in May, May comes around and they tell us on it’s in June now, June comes around and all of the sudden it’s in January now. This has been going on for four years now. For the City of Brampton we are only allowed to work 24 hours a week max, in the summer if you are going back to school in the fall you are allowed to go to 40 hours. If you don’t plan on going back to school in the fall you must stay at 24 hours in the summer. Does that make sense to you?

Now let us get to the good part of this job, when you do all this training they don’t tell you what you’re in for. I did not know I was going to get kicked, punched, slapped, spit on, yelled at, and get chlorine burn every time I worked. I loved my job at first then politics happened and not to mention I only make minimum wage. Another thing they don’t tell you is that if a situation does happen there is a chance you can get sued by that person, we work minimum wage and HAVE to safe you if you are on city property, please don’t sue me!

The whole point of this very long post is just to get this out in the open, most people don’t realize what us lifeguards have to go through and how much we make. Most people think if you work for the city you make big bucks but that’s not how it works. All we want is more money than minimum wage and to be treated nicely and with respect.

April Favourites 2015!

Makeup Favourite: 


Dior Diorshow Black Out Waterproof Mascara

Now I know I wrote about a different mascara before but I wanted to try something new and fell in love with this one. Dior mascara is a little bit on the expensive side but it works like a charm. My eyelashes are a little bit long so when I apply this I need to do a tiny clean up job. It goes on extremely easy but it’s difficult to come off. It doesn’t make your eyelashes clump together, they will still feel like you normal soft lashes. When taking this off you will 100% need a good eye make up remover, but that’s the best part about this product – you pay a lot of money for waterproof and you expect it to stay on. You can get this at Sephora for $31.00.

Skin Care Favourite:


Clinique Take The Day Off Makeup Remover for Lids, Lashes and Lips

With my new mascara I needed to get a great make up remover. I wrote a post on my Facebook asking all the ladies which one I should try, a lot of people said Avon and make up wipes but I don’t have an “Avon person” and I want something stronger than wipes. My mum came home with a sample she got, so I gave it a try. This worked like a charm, the make up came right off. You do have to give your face a rinse after because it is oil but your eyelashes are the same, like you never had make up on. You can get this product at Sephora for $22.00 but I’m sure other stores have this.

Hair Care Favourite:


Goody TangleFix – Bright

My friend had one of these at work and I’ve seen them online before. The chlorine dries out my hair, which makes it get tangle easily. Normal brushes hurt and hard to get the knots out, this brush works with my hair so it’s not pulling. It gets the knots out well, the only problem I have with it is, it’s not a styling brush. I found when I used it it makes my curly hair go straight and puffy. That’s fine when I’m at work because most likely I’ll be going back into the water but if you were to use it at home before you go out it wouldn’t be ideal. You can get the Goody brush at Walmart for $5.00 – $6.00.

Body Favourite:


Dynamite Cami with Buttons – Black

I wrote about this shirt in a different colour on my Spring Much Haves. Well I bought it! It really is comfortable, it has adjustable straps and of course the buttons on the front. You can dress this shirt up or down for whatever the occasion is. You can get this shirt/cami at Dynamite for $24.95.

Home Favourite:

Google Unveils Updated Nexus 7 in Push Against Apple, Microsoft

Google Chromecast

I originally bought this so I could put the movies and shows I watch on Showbox onto my TV because I was getting tired of holding up my tablet for two hours. When I got it, it was easy to set up but connecting my Showbox to Chromecast was a whole different story.
The latest Showbox update prevents you from using Chromecast, it asks you to download some MX player, I tried, it was a pointless circle of downloading the same player. I looked on good old Reddit, they told me to download a program called Growbox, it acts as the MX player but without having to download a million things and still no connection to Chromecast. Growbox works, and now my Chromecast it awesome again.
If you have one of the new Blue Ray players that has YouTube, Netflix and all those extras and don’t use Showbox or watch movies online then this product wouldn’t be ideal for you since it does the exact same thing as the Blue Ray player. If you do watch movies online and use Showbox then this product is for you!
You can get the Chromecast at Best Buy for $39.00.

Music Favourite:


Every Other Freckle by alt-J

My boyfriend told me about this song, he likes it because I have freckles. There’s actually two versions of the music video, a girl version and a guy version. I posted the girl version. Listen to it and let me know what you think!

Random Favourite:


Brita Hard Sided Bottle

I don’t like the taste of water, I think it has a weird taste to it. I needed something that would help because water is good for you and lets face it, you need to drink it. My whole family uses Brita, even my cat prefers Brita water! There’s actually two different types, a soft sided and hard sided water bottle. The soft one is a squeeze bottle and the hard one is pretty much a straw. These bottles are great because they limit the amount of plastic bottles we use since they are reusable. The hard one is the bottle I own, you can get it at Walmart for $15.00.

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(All pictures taken from Google)