Toronto Maple Leaf Game!

For my boyfriend’s birthday I got him Toronto Maple Leaf tickets because he is a huge fan! I got them off StubHub, which is a ripoff in my opinion but that’s another story, we were in the purple seats but they were great. You could see everything without missing the ice because that happens in the Air Canada Centre in some spots but it was great! There’s not much to say about the game besides they lost but I had a great time!

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Axe Throwing!

This past weekend was my boyfriend’s birthday which he decided he wanted to go Axe Throwing to celebrate! We decided to go to STRYKE Target Range in Brampton, Ontario, Canada. He booked online at their website to pick the date and time which then I believe they call you to see which three items you want to do. My boyfriend choose axe throwing, archery and automatic air guns; the fourth one you could pick is knife throwing.

When we got there you go to one of the iPads that are on a stand and start the wavier process, it doesn’t take that long and it’s pretty simple. After you sign the waiver you go to the desk, get a wrist band and pay for it. Once everyone in your group has done that (and got ice for your beer) they take you to the lanes where you start having an adventure!

We started with axe throwing, there’s a coach with you the whole time which tells you how to do each item. With the axe throwing you practice for about 40 mins then you have a mini tournament with your group.

The next we moved into archery, this one was hard for me for some reason but it was still fun. You start off by the coach teaching you what to do, then you go in waves on practicing/your tournament. Once you shoot all your arrows and everyone else has you walk to the target and add up the points from your three best arrows. You wait for the next group to go and your back up.

After we’ve done all that we moved onto the guns, I completely sucked at this one but it was still fun in the end. It’s confusing to explain but one person shoots, another stands beside you to count your points and the coach counts how many rounds you’ve fired, you get 15 rounds. You keep going around until the end pretty much.

At the end you do a photo shoot with all the weapons you used then you get your scores added up to see who wins! I won first place at axe throwing and came tied for third over-all.

Of course you can take pictures and videos but my laptop is being wonky right now! Once I get the video uploaded I will add it to this post!

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FitBit Charge HR Review

Everyone knows FitBit, it was the top selling Christmas gift of 2015 and a fast growing company. I know there are many reviews on YouTube about this product and I’m going to add to that in blog form.

I got my FitBit Charge HR in August 2015 as a birthday gift and I have also bought one for my friend in late November 2015. Here is what I have to say about the FitBit Charge HR.

16599145First off lets start with the look and the colours it is avalable in. This one has the watch like buckle which I’ve heard a lot of people love, me being one of them as well. The old Charge didn’t have the buckle which has caused to hear a lot of complains about, so be careful of which one you’re buying. The colours I actually love, it comes in black, plum (purple), blue, tangerine (orange), and teal. I personally have the plum and I bought my friend the teal one; the teal is actually an amazing colour just as a side note.

What does it do? One might ask when looking to buy one. Well it does a bit actually and some not listed on their website. Lets take a look…

  1. Shows the date and time. You can set it so it shows the date and time how you want it, if you want it in 24 hours not problem get to the settings. You can also set it so that every time you lift your arm to look at the watch it automatically comes on to show you the time, no having to press the button.
  2. Shows daily steps. This is a given and why most people buy it, but what I don’t think people know is that once you buy it and download the app if you have friends also with a FitBit you can challenge them in a step showdown. I do this with my friends and family every week, it’s very motivating!
  3. Shows your heart rate. I don’t use the heart rate as much as one who is really into fitness but it is fun to know how that heart is doing. There have been complains that it’s not accurate heart rate reading, FitBit never once said that it would be and said it was a guideline. You can actually change the settings for heart rate and peaking moments but I’ve just left it the way it was.
  4. Distance traveled. This one I thought was pointless until I saw how far I was walking in miles, it’s pretty much just a fun thing to know how far you’re actually walking in a day.
  5. Calories and floors climbed. Calories there isn’t much to say about but that it tells you how much your burning by what you’re doing. Floors climbed on the other hand can be confusing. When I got it I for some reason thought it was steps climbed but it’s actually floor levels, meaning if you go up one flight of steps that counts as 1. On the app they have badges you can get from doing as many as you can and such. The highest one I’ve personally reached is 75 floors (flights of stairs).
  6. Silent Alarms. In the commercials it advertises that they’re silence and that they won’t wake up your partner but it will. I have one set for 11:00 am everyday and it wakes him up all the time on the weekends. It vibrates and the screen flashes so if your wrist is facing your partner who is facing you, they’re gonna get flashes lights in their face. Sorry, but it’s not silent at all.
  7. Auto Sleep. This FitBit automatically can tell when you’re sleeping that starts the sleep mood. When I say sleep mood I mean it keep track of how many hours of sleep you get, how many times you woke up and how many times you were restless.
  8. Active Minutes and SmartTrack. Active minutes is pretty much what it says, it shows on the app how many times you were active which goes along with your heart rate. SmartTrack is when the FitBit knows when you’ve started running for example, it will automatically record your running workout.
  9. Caller ID. For this to work you need to have you Bluetooth on, I use to have it on all the time to get calls until it started to kill my phone battery. I don’t know for sure if it was the Bluetooth doing it or if my phone is just crappy and dies fast. It is a very cool feature that I love and try to use all the time, it has actually saved me from missing phone calls.
  10. Wireless Syncing. Well that’s a given with the app but if you leave your Bluetooth on it will sync for you and that way you don’t want to worry about it. Trust me though if you get into those challenges I was talking about earlier you’ll constantly be looking at the app anyways!
  11. Tap to Change. Say your looking at your daily steps but you wanna know how many floors you’ve climb so what do you do? You go to the side of the FitBit and press the button until you’ve reach floors climbed. Well yes you can do that but you can also tap the front of the FitBit right under the screen which will also change to your steps, floors and such as you’ve step up to see.
  12. Tracks when it’s dead! I know, I didn’t know this feature was on there until I was at work and noticed my FitBit was dead. Flashing the battery sign, no showing me steps or anything. Obviously I couldn’t do anything since I didn’t have the charger with me but learnt after I charged it that it counted everything while it was dead! I was happy about this since I was doing the week long challenge! Most people didn’t know this FitBit did it but it’s pretty sweet, I don’t even know if FitBit knows it does that. Just kidding.

All in all I think FitBits are amazing, fun and motivating and everyone should have one! Check out other types of FitBits at

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R.I.P Allen

This is a long over due post, I just haven’t gotten around to writing it. On Sunday January 17th my boyfriend and I just got home from the Reptile Expo in Toronto when my Mum called me to tell me about my chameleon Allen. She knows nothing about reptiles so she said he’s sick or dying or is dead, my boyfriend and I came to my house to find Allen hanging by a claw on the screen.

I knew something was up because he wasn’t eating for the last week but at the same time I thought he was just being his grumpy self, as he has not eaten before.

Allen was old for a chameleon so he lived a long life and it’s better that he’s not suffering anymore. He was a great first chameleon, he dealt with me learning how to take care of him and a few mishaps but always went green when I walked into the room. I’ve learnt a lot about chameleons from him and hopefully will get a new one in the near future.

You will be missed Allen.

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January Favourites 2016!

Make Up Favourite:


Aveda Lip Saver

I actually got this towards the end of January but as soon as I used it my lips felt better, and let me tell you my lips were not in the best of shape. It’s creamy and simple. You can get this at Aveda stores for $8.50.

Skin Care Favourite:


Glysomed Hand Cream

Living in Canada I get dry hands because of the winter, I keep this in purse and use it all the time. This stuff last you a long time, I’ve had the same cream in my purse for probably five years because you only need a little dot of cream that goes a long way. I actually got this at Walmart in a three pack for $6.00.

Hair Care Favourite:


Aveda Control Paste

This paste is awesome for if you have bangs, short hair or even just fly aways you want to go away. This is style is the way you want it without making your hair feel or look “gross.” You can get this at Aveda stores for $24.00.

Body Favourite:


Life Brand Face/Feet Mask 

Life Brand has lots of mask/balms for face, hands, or feet. They’re hypoallergenic, easy to use and at home spa feeling! I actually don’t know how much they are since I get this for Christmas but you can buy them at Shoppers Drug Mart!

Home Favourite:


Charmed Aroma Vanilla Crepe Candle

Yes I am one of those ladies who bought the candle everyone is buying! If you haven’t heard of these candles, let me tell you about them. You can get them at, you pick what scent you want then purchase. The reason why they are so popular is because there’s a ring hidden in the candle wax! The ring can range from $10 to $5,000. Each candle is roughly $26.00! My ring was worth $200.

Music Favourite: 

S.O.B by Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats

Random Favourite:


Lori Greiner Deluxe Wood Jewelry Organizer 

I absolutely love this jewelry box, this was a Christmas gift and was one of the first things I set up. I have to admit it is on the big side but it’s great! It holds all the jewelry I own and still have space for more! You can get it at Bed Bath and Beyond for $129.99.

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