Cat’s Product of the Month (June)

Hey everyone,

Today I wanted to talk about a mascara that I love! It is called Better than Sex mascara.

This product does everything you want it too: big eyelashes that separate so it looks like you’re wearing eyelash extensions. My favourite colour is it in dark black. It is waterproof yet can come off with a makeup remover wipe (may take some effort).

The only negative thing I can say is that I find the product dries out and becomes very clumpy very quickly over time. Once that occurs it still gives you the desired effect yet your eyelashes make stick together from time to time.

I still love this product and use it if I am going out and want a dramatic effect on my lashes.

You can find this Product at Sephora for $30.00

BTSMBetter Then Sex Mascara


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Cat’s Product of the Month (May)

Hey again!

So I have just started using a product that I think many people will be interested in. I am talking about the Smashbox Photo Finish Primers line. I want to talk about the Colour Correcting Primer in particular.

I’ve just started using this product (yes it is green) before my tinted moisturizer, since I am prone to blemishes. The way it works is that since it is green it off sets the bright red of a blemish on your face. I find this product also helps since I go red really quickly.

I was always curious about this product so I decided to try it. All I’m going to say is now I sometimes look too pale because it gets rid of every blemish. The product is very thick when you put it on so it may take a bit of time to get use to the feeling unfortunately.

If anyone is prone to blemishes and would like to get rid of them I would suggest giving this product a try.

You can find this product at Sephora for $49.00

SBCCSmashBox Photo Finish Colour Correcting Primer


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Cat’s Product of the Month (April)

Hey everyone,

Sorry I haven’t been able to do my reviews lately, some things came up and life got really busy.

So today I wanted to talk about the Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer. This stuff is amazing, as you can possibly guess I am heavily addicted. Not only does the tinted moisturizer leave your skin feeling like you have barely anything on it but this product also contains SPF. You can use it instead of foundation and not have to worry if you are going to get the same amount of coverage.

There are various colours to choose from along with an oil free line for those that have oily skin. To be honest there’s not much I can say negatively about this product other than it is a little watery, but you have to remember its moisturizer therefore it’s not meant to be too thick.

Depending on size it ranges from $26-$56 at Sephora stores.

LMTM Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer


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Got My G2 – Finally!

For me getting my G2 was a struggle, most things that involve test makes me nervous and therefore I do terrible.

I started out with driving school back in August 2015! It was great, finished the class and got a kick ass grade. I was told in two weeks I should get a call from a driving instructor and I should start my lessons, well, I didn’t start my lessons until March 2016. By Mid April I was ready for my first test, or so I thought!

All said and done I failed because I went 50 km/h in a school zone (which you should be driving 40km/h) that to them is an automatic fail. My Uncle, being the amazing man he is told me he would take me out to practice for my next test; we went out twice a week if we both could make it and it paid off; I’m a killer parallel parker now! By Mid May it was time for my second test, at this point I’m thinking, “Okay I got this! I will pass!” Sure enough I do a rolling stop at a red light trying to turn right – once again to them that’s a automatic fail. When I told people this they thought they were crazy, usually that’s a warning and they still pass you. So once again, my awesome Uncle told me he will take me out driving but this time we were using his car for the test and he was coming with me. Sure enough Mid June comes and I pass the test! I was so happy I was almost dancing in the Drive Test centre!

Now my next challenge is to get my G but focusing on school first! Another one bites the dust! Check out my 2016 List at

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Esther the Wonder Pig

If you don’t know who Esther the Wonder Pig is you’re missing out! Long story short, Steve Jenkins and his partner Derek Walter got a mini pig that turned out to be a full size commercial pig and kept it.

Their Instagram and Facebook page is a hit with posting daily pictures of this wonderful pigs life. They recently wrote a book – which I read in a day – and did book signings for it. Now I’ve been busy lately and had no idea this book signing was happening near me, thankfully my boyfriend told me about it. Once again my sister and I made a day of it ending off the day with the signing. We went to the Chapters in Brampton, sat down and waiting for Esther’s parents to come on stage.

They did a Q and A then signed all the books, they’re actually extremely nice gentlemen and care about the animal world. I was actually so happy to meet them!

If you want to learn more about Esther and her family you can look them up on Instagram and Facebook or check out their website at

These great men made a sanctuary for animals like Esther, you can donate to help them out, volunteer on the farm or just go for a tour, more information is at their website at

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Sweet Jesus

On Facebook Toronto has a blog that post stuff you can do around the city, well this coffee/ice cream shop kept showing up. A couple of weeks ago I had to go to the big bad city so I asked my sister to come along and make a day of it, needless to say this was the highlight!

It’s not that far from Union Station, about a 20 min walk or you can subway/street car. It’s hidden in between two restaurants so you would have to look for their logo, lucky I was Instagram obsessed and noticed it right away. While you wait in line they give you a menu and you decide, once you’re in you order and wait for the yummy goodness!

You can visit their website at or search them on Instagram!

Check out the 2016 List at

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Battle Archery

Well hello! It’s been awhile since we’ve written about something off my 2016 list! I’ve done a couple of things and you will find out all throughout this week! I’m going to catch you up!

First we did Battle Archery! I’m sure many of you have saw some sort of ad on Facebook about Battle Archery, I know I sure have and I’m glad we did! For those of you who don’t know Battle Archery is pretty much like dodge ball but with a bow n arrow. The arrows have foam on the tips so it doesn’t hurt when it hits you. This is the most simple thing ever and it’s so much fun!

You get split into two teams (the more the better) and go crazy on each other. The first time I went I got my boyfriend square in the stomach, I was very happy since that was my goal for the night!

If you live in the GTA you can check them out at if not I’m sorry but check the world wide web to see if there’s one near you!


Check out the 2016 List

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May Favourites 2016!


Makeup Favourite:

L0693614Neutrogena All-in-one Makeup Removing Cleansing Wipes

I like trying different make up wipes and this one is one of my tops. It actually works and leaves your face feeling clean, the best part is that it actually gets waterproof mascara off! You can get this at Walmart for $9.00.

Skin Care Favourite:

B0012MZ4WE-1-lgDove Clinical Protect Anti-Perspirant

With the hot weather already here I personally need a little stronger anti-perspirant. This product I find works well when you really need some protection compared to their regular anti-perspirants. You can buy this product at Walmart for $8.00.

Hair Care Favourite:

untitledJohn Frieda Beach Blonde Sea Waves Sea Salt Spray

This product is really good for when you’re too lazy to style your hair! I use this after I come out of the shower and want to have a messy but controlled look. You can buy this at Walmart for $8.00.

Body Favourite:



Remember when Lululemon had those good yoga pants then they changed? Fun fact, Sears sells the old ‘Lulu’ pants! I don’t need to say anything more if you use to wear these pants, they’re comfortable, they breath, and nice material! Only problem is they sell really fast! You can get these at Sears for $29.97.

Home Favourite:

1Urban Barn Cactus Flower Toss

My family told me about Urban Barn and took me, I fell in love with this pillow! The entire store is filled with cool products such as this pillow, when I get my own place I will be shopping here! I got this pillow on sale for $20.00, regularly priced for $29.00 at Urban Barn!

Music Favourite:

HandClap by Fitz And The Tantrums

Random Favourite:


OPI Live Love Carnaval

I love OPI products and loved this summer colour! I got this at Trade Secrets for $12.50.

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