COVID-19 Layoff: Day Sixty-Five

Good evening!

The weather was absolutely beautiful today and a little bit on the hot side! It was way to hot for Drax today so his walks were limited but later on at night we took him out and he was having a blast in the cool air.

Drax actually got a new collar since he’s growing so much his old one was too tight and he only wore it outside since it has his tags on it. Dave also got him a cooling mat, this thing is pretty cool and even I want to lay on it!

Today I did go to Walmart to get shirts and yoga pants since my other ones are more for louging around. There’s one shirt I need to return or just lose the weight and I love the yoga pants. Most likely will be going back for more of those!

Today I said I would do a plant update so here it goes!

So here we have our regular plants, arugula, spinach, garlic and rosemary. They are growing wild and I’m excited.

This is my pumpkin that is growing crazy! I know it’s going to be super vine like before I get any pumpkins so I’ll just keep taking care of it!

We planted some lettuce! They are just little babies but I’m excited for this. Never planted this before so we’ll see how this goes! Now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for….who has the best sunflower…still in progress…drumroll please!

On the left we have Dave’s and on the right is yours truely. Baby sunflowers! So cute but it’s turning into a close competition! They are standing on their own currently and I will most definetly need to get bigger pots for them ass they get bigger.

That’s all I have for today, not much else was done!

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COVID-19 Layoff: Day Sixty-Four

Rinse, repeat.

Today was pretty much a repeat of yesterday just without getting shit on.

Walked Drax a bunch which made him very tired. I think tomorrow I’m not gonna go on a big one since I’ve been tiring him out so much. It’s just supposed to be getting hotter now so I need to limit my time outside when it’s super hot with him. Maybe his long walks will be in the evening now.

Drax slept the afternoon away and I watched some Disney Plus and Netflix. Nothing exciting really, days are boring now that Dave is at work. I should do a plant update though! Haven’t done that in awhile so look for that tomorrow!

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COVID-19 Layoff: Day Sixty-Three

Today is about luck.

Well, I slept like shit again then Drax decided to wake me up early to get his morning started. I fed and walked him and decided I was going to have a morning nap since I didn’t sleep well, Drax had other plans. Instead of letting me sleep (like he does for Dave) I get pawed at, sat on and whined at to get up and play. So I got up, ate breakfast then took Drax to the park again.

Drax had fun at the park but it was hot so I tried to keep it short. I got him to take a rest in the shade away from patrol so I didn’t get in trouble for “hanging out” in a park.

My boy taking a rest.

We walked back to the car, got water into both of us and made our way back home. On the drive I had the windows open then out of nowhere I felt something hit me in the stomach. In my mind I was like “fuck I’m driving and a bug just flew on me.” Nope! A bird shit on me, through my car window, while I was driving. How the fuck does that happen? I instantly call Dave and he laughs. Called my sister, she laughed. Pretty much everyone laughed and was impressed on how it happened. Now everyone thinks I should buy a lottery ticket!

I came home, cleaned my shirt and bra then went down to make sure it wasn’t inside my car or in my back seat. It was clean thank baby Jesus. The rest of the day was Drax sleeping and me relaxing and watching Netflix! This time I finished Suits. I’ve been watching that for awhile and finally caught up. Good show, go watch that one too!

That’s all for today!

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COVID-19 Layoff: Day Sixty-One & Sixty-Two

Day Sixty-One

This day was a right off. The weather was awful, rainy, and windy.

Dave and I watched the last two episodes of The Last Dance. It’s definitely a good a good season to watch and now that all of them are out I highly suggest you watch them. Michael Jordan was a bomb player and fun to watch.

After that and walking Drax a bunch, I did laundry and fell asleep on the couch for about an hour. Then we watched TV for the rest of the night.

Day Sixty-Two

Today was Dave’s first day back at work. I decided to take Drax in a mini adventure and because my sister was off she came with us. There’s a big park in the middle of my city so we went there and walked around. Drax and my sister we’re tired so we headed back to the car. Dropped Drax off to nap and cool off while I went to Walmart to get stuff to make masks and surprised my mum with Starbucks.

Once I got home I fought with my sewing machine for awhile, one part by one part. Pretty much the whole time! Eventually I ended up with a mask that wasn’t so great bit it was good for my first one. That took up most of my time so now I’m watching tv with Dave but I’m barely awake!

I have no idea what I’m going to do tomorrow, walk Drax somewhere then come back home I guess. That’s all for today!

Thanks for reading,


COVID-19 Layoff: Day Fifty-Nine & Sixty

Day Fifty-Nine

Welp the weather was amazing and I new the next couple of days were going to be shitty so I decided to take Drax on a mini adventure. The quarantine has been hard on him too so our adventure included a car ride, Drax had his head out the window the whole time enjoying the breeze. Once we got to my Mum’s place he gave her a shit ton of kisses then we parked and went on our walk around the block. Surprisingly it was very hot in the morning even though at the time it was overcast. Drax definietly was hot but don’t worry I had two water bottles for him and the wind in his hair on the way home helped cool him down.

The rest of the day after that was pretty much a write off, I didn’t do much besides watch Suits. Dave came home from volunteering at his Mum’s store to finish making his slow cooker pulled pork and we ate dinner!

I was extremely tired and pretty much choose to not write the blog because I couldn’t keep my eyes open. I mean I didn’t even look at my phone while laying in bed, I just charged it and passed out. Even Drax and Dave were tired! It was just one of those nights!

Day Sixty

Holy Shit I’ve been in isolation for 60 friggen days. 60 days of no work and going stir crazy!

Today however was an exciting day. The day was pretty much normal until around 5:30pm, Dave and I took Drax on his post dinner walk. There’s this park we walk in, it’s an old baseball park but they took out the diamond so it’s just an empty field with a parking lot. Welp, one second it was empty then I heard Dave say something like, “WTF is happing here.” I look over to the parking lot to see 8 cop cars with a mobile command centre. We had no idea what was going on so I looked at Twitter, ask my family to check the news and most importantly told my friend who lives across the field from me to look out her window.
For the whole evening she sat on her balcony texting me the details of what the cops were doing as she was facing the right way and she building is taller than mine so she came see everything. The cops were looking everywhere, on all streets, going into peoples backyards, looking into parked cars, garbage bins, bushes, parks, workplaces, and churches around the area. Needless to say it was our entertainment for the evening and we still have no idea what is up besides they are clearly looking for someone. Eventually Dave and I took Drax for a walk only to find there was now 15 cop cars, a couple undercover cars and the mobile command centre and a lot of cops standing in a group then spliting up to look in different areas. This went on until about 7-8pm and the cops decided to leave but they left the mobile command centre so I’m assuming tomorrow they’ll be looking again!

That was the highlight of my day, it’s pretty creepy but interesting at the same time. I’ll keep you updated tomorrow if I see anything else or figure out what’s going on!

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April Favourites 2020!

41KP9nn65uL._AC_SX450_ Joseph Joseph Elevate Carousel Kitchen Tool Set

I love Joseph Joseph products, when I was younger I would start to collect all the things I wanted for when I moved out. Now that I have actually moved out I can use them. The absolute best part about these is they’re elevated, meaning they won’t rest on the counter and make a mess like other utensils do. Now this set comes with a carousel to store them, mine didn’t because it was so long ago but I’m now looking into just buying that part for it! Joseph Joseph products don’t melt/burn, they’re super easy to clean and they just look so damn cute. They do come in different colours so if you’re not into the multi-coloured look then there is options for you. In Canada you can get these at The Bay for $94.99.

6000200352052Kobo Libra H2O

If you are a book reader I know what you’re thinking, “I’d rather have the actual book.” I was the same way until my Mum got me my Kobo. I absolutely love this thing! Just to name off a couple features for this one before I start, waterproof, 8 GB storage, only weights 192g, weeks of battery life, WiFi connection, font changing, and light changing. Sounds too good to be true, I know. I got this at Christmas 2019 and have yet to charge it – that’s pretty good considering I fall asleep reading books. It’s just all around great and super light. It’s super easy to understand how to use it and because it connects to the WiFi you can buy books right off the store onto your Kobo (which by the way books are cheaper on the Kobo store than in a regular book store). It comes in black and white, and I suggest getting the case for it. This is perfect for a traveller because you don’t have to carry all your books and you can have it by the pool since it’s waterproof! You can get this at Chapters for $199.99

18WTBL7-GR_1Sleep Country Weighted Blanket

Everyone around my age wanted a Gravity Blanket for Christmas but they are expensive! Don’t get me wrong this one is money too but at least you don’t have to pay for the brand name and it’ll be easier to find. My Mum got me this blanket and I love it. It definitely helps you sleep, makes you feel calm and helped with all those crappy emotions. It just feels like a big hug or cuddle when you’re sleeping. This one comes in different colours, different sizes and different weights which that all depends on your body weight. Mine is just a little personal one, which is great because really only you are going to use it so you don’t need a giant one. It does get hot so in the summer months maybe only use it for a bit but in the winter when it’s gloomy this is perfect. You can get this at Sleep Country for $189 – $599, depending on weight and size.

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COVID-19 Layoff: Day Fifty-Eight

What a long day.

The weather today was not great, rained pretty much most of the day meaning my head hurt most of the day. Drax absolutely hates rain, this morning I took him out to pee and usually we go for a walk. It was raining so he peed but pulled me back to come inside. About a hour later he cried to go out again so I did thinking he may go on a walk because it was raining that hard but no, he noped the weather hard.

The rest of the day was a write off, Dave and Drax slept most of the day until it turn the weather turned nice. I spent my time organizing my Pinterest boards, that’s how bored I was. Then walked Drax and started to make dinner.

Have you ever watched Magic for Humans on Netflix? Go watch it and watch your mind be blown and you’ll laugh. That’s what Dave and I currently watching!

Thanks for reading,


COVID-19 Layoff: Day Fifty-Seven

Rain, rain go away!

Surprisingly my head only hurt a little bit today. This morning Dave and I did some grocery shopping, super proud of us for staying on budget! Came home to put it all away then walk Drax.

I felt like baking so I finally made banana bread with chocolate chips! Ask me how my weight is going🙄😩.

Once that was done I watched Self Made on Netflix. It’s so good, it’s a limited series so there’s only like 6-7 episodes but go watch it.

The rest of the evening was history so I won’t bore you. I slept on my arm weird last night (at least that’s what I think), now in get pains in my one shoulder blade. Hopefully tomorrow it’ll be fine!

That’s pretty much it for today.

Thanks for reading,


COVID-19 Layoff: Day Fifty-Six

Good evening!

This morning Dave and I cleaned the whole apartment because, well, we have a dog. Enough said. Drax was walked a bunch which made Dave and I compare steps and try to beat eachother – he has yet to beat me.

Cleaning was pretty much the highlight of my day, which I don’t know what that says about the day. I went over fiances which is a pain but whatever, played Animal Crossing, walked Drax, and watched Upload on Amazon Prime.

Upload is actually a good show, Dave’s brother suggested we watch it. It’s about if you die or were injured would you choose the way we do things now, surgery and hope you survive or your conscious gets uploaded to a virual heaven so you can live forever and family and friends can still see you. Which would you do? Go watch it!

Dave got the call that he goes to work again on Tuesday so I’ll be all on my own starting then. I feel like I’m going to be so bored all by myself so I’m going to have to get creative and motivated.

So remember how I got burnt like a week ago? Well my burnt is now itchy AF and peeling like CRAZY. One part of my shoulder still hurts but I’m sure it’ll go away. With the nice weather coming this weekend I definitely need to wear sunscreen!

That’s all for today!

Thanks for reading,


COVID-19 Layoff: Day Fifty-Five

I could not keep my eyes open last night!

I didn’t write last night because I was SO tired, the night before I didn’t sleep well so it hit me like a brick last night. Yesterday was a typical boring day, the weather was chilly again but not too bad.

Dave and I didn’t do much, we did watch the Purge: Election Year. Dave is scared of horror/thriller movies but one day he randomly put on The Purge tv show and he was fine with it. I told him we should watch all the movies that go with it, it took him awhile but eventually he did it. Election Year is the third movie so I believe there is one more then the new one comes out possible. I’m not sure!

After the movie my neighbour and I hand dinner! We always have these salads that are yummy so we said we’d have a salad night. It’s spinach, broccoli, red onion, green peppers, hard boiled egg, and usual chicken but last night we had salmon, oh you you can’t forget the dressing but I can’t remember what goes in it. It’s yummy.
The rest of the night was just drinking and chatting while entertaining Drax since I deicided to bring him along.

This quarantine is definitely messing with dogs because Drax is extremely whiney and I’ve heard of other people’s dogs being the same way. Thankfully Dave is going back to work next week so that is a start to getting back to normal. If I got out that means Drax gets a break from both of us and gets use to being alone again. Slowly life is getting back to normal!

After dinner I went to bed becaue I couldn’t stay away anymore. I couldn’t believe how tired I was last night, but now I’m nice and refreshed!

Thanks for reading,