COVID-19 Layoff: Day Thirty Six

How is everyone doing?

Today was a quiet day, which is alright every once in awhile but that has been everyday lately.

This morning I finished my friends cross stitch, it’s one of my better ones but it took FOREVER compared to the other ones I did.

Excuse the crappy nail polish but this is the bad boy I just finished. My friend loves mountains so I thought I do this for her. All of them have something to do with something they like, some are simple but it’s the thought that counts. Plus they’re all mini so bigger ones can come later!

The rest of the day was watching the movie Tag, playing Animal Crossing and now watching the NFL Draft.

Hope everyone has a good night.

Thanks for reading,


COVID-19 Layoff: Day Thirty Four

Welcome to day 34.

I honestly don’t even know what to say about today, it was a complete write off of napping, walking Drax and playing Animal Crossing. LOL when is this going to be over?

This morning the weather was like this…


Now it’s cold but there’s no snow anywhere to be found. The weather has been strange lately but I’m hoping it’ll get warm soon but not too warm, just typical spring weather would be nice. This is why my plants are all inside still, the weather has been so crazy this year that we can’t. One minute it’s warm-ish and sunny then 5 minutes later it looks like the picture above!

Let’s see, tomorrow I want to attempt to finish my cross stitch I made for my friend now that I have grey thread thanks to my amazing neighbour Amanda, hey girl! Then finish the one I started for myself and I need to get started on the rest of the ones I want to make but I have time since I wanted to give these as Christmas gifts (part of).

Mother’s day is coming out and I need to figure something out with my sister. However I can not write it on here because my Mum reads my blog every morning! Hey Mum! Anyone have some good ideas?

That’s about it for today, plants are growing like crazy which I’m excited about. I’m hoping I can actually grow a pumpkin because last time I tried it didn’t happen and my step-dad tricked me by buying a pumpkin and putting it outside next to the vine. I got excited then bummed out lol! Also I have attempted to grow sunflowers before but the squirrels got to it so hopefully that doesn’t happen. I’ll just have to keep getting Drax out on the balcony once it’s nice, he’s been slowly getting interested in them so I’m sure he’ll love that!

Thanks for reading,


COVID-19 Layoff: Day Twenty-One

We had the biggest single day increase of COVID-19 cases; 550 new cases in Ontario today.

Not the greatest news to wake up to especially after we all thought the numbers were slowly going down. This morning Dave and I went to the grocery store and this time we actually wore gloves. Every time we walk into the apartment we wash our hands, I’m constantly wiping/spraying things down and staying inside besides dog walks and grocery store stops. When is this going to end though?

After the grocery store we made pizza and walked Drax then hung out the whole day. Not much was done today, I didn’t even do the dishes! We did however give Drax a bath after his last walk tonight because he STUNK. He’s now laying on our bed drying after we toweled dried him.

On the bright side of things, the plants that Dave and I planted are starting to sprout. Our arugula has sprouted early and is going like wild fire right now!


The others are slowly growing aswell, I’ll take a picture of those tomorrow. I’m excited to have plants on my balcony to make it more welcoming even though in the month of May I apparently have to clean my balcony. I haven’t even been in this apartment for a year and it keeps raining so it’s not dirty.

Tonight I’ve been cross stitching, attempting to get my bestfriend’s cross stitch done but her design I choose is a little big more intricate. I also need to go to the store and find light and dark grey thread. Here is the one I did for my step-dad….


It’s cute! I’m trying to make ones for each person that has things they like. When my step-dad is putting things together he always says, “for fuck sakes” so I though the for fox sakes was a good idea.

That’s about it, just preparing to make Easter dinner Sunday, what is everyone else doing for Easter? Staying in I hope. Stay safe.

Thanks for reading,




COVID-19 Layoff: Day Eleven

The boredom was hella real today.

It poured this morning until 1pm so Drax was pretty much in bed. At around 1:30 – 2pm it got sunny and warm so I took Drax on a walk. He wasn’t expecting the heat and was a thirsty little boy so we cut it short. It was good we got our exercise in though. We came back and about 30-40 mins later it started to rain again, thankfully I didn’t get caught in it!

I literally did NOTHING today so I don’t have much to say. I did a cross stitch for my step dad, I honestly don’t know if he reads this, I’ll have to check with my mum before posting a photo, so you might see that tomorrow.

The rest of the day was a right off, we watching TV and ate pretty much. I’m going a little stir crazy and just want to be at work (who thought they would be saying that eh?)

Well my mum told me this there’s a living room concert that I wasn’t interested in but now I’m going to watch because why the hell not, plus the movie my boyfriend put on is weird and he’s not watching it anymore so too bad.

Thanks for reading,


COVID-19 Layoff: Day Four

I don’t even know what to say? LOL the highlight of my day would have to be the chocolate dip I bought for my strawberries and me finishing my poop emjoi cross stitch! I don’t know what that says about me but you know!

I finished my cross stitch in the morning (after my dog let me sleep in, party!), I made a few mistakes but my amazing teacher told me it’s okay and you make it my own so I did! Not bad for my first time doing this ever! Now I’m working on another one that has words and it takes forever just to do one letter! It’ll keep me busy (we have another week of this bullshit minimum).

Poop emjoi with a heavy lean

Strawberries and chocolate dip, need I say more? I’m going to gain quarantine 15! Maybe I should incorporate a workout into this situation? Meh.

Welp, I went to four different stores to try to find active dry yeast only to come home with nothing. Once again my amazing neighbor saves the day and she had a packet. Neighbors are awesome, that’s all I gotta say! Bread to be made tomorrow most likely, so there’s THAT to look forward too!

Stayed turned for more adventures.

Thanks for reading,


COVID-19 Layoff: Day Three

Dog walk, puzzle and cross stitch, repeat.

If it wasn’t for those three things I would be going insane (too late)! My day started off with me being in an grumpy-ish mood and progress into more grumpy, just one of those days.

Not much happened today, Dave and I have been KILLING it at our puzzle (photos to come later), dog walks are a must and I discovered cross stitch (thanks to my neighbour Amanda, the same person who dropped off the delicious bread). I don’t know why I was so dumb when reading the instructions so I messaged her and she came to the rescue to show me. I’m absolutely obsessed and now want to look up designs and create them! Stay tuned for that!

That’s pretty much it, drinks have started and we continue to cross stitch the night away.

Stay tuned for more fun adventures.

Thanks for reading,