Starbucks Unicorn Frapp

I first heard about this frapp. in a post on Facebook which I honestly thought was another “junkmail” post until Starbucks sent out it’s usual up and coming email about it. Everywhere I read though it kept saying, “Only available if you believe” which again makes me think it’s fake.

Starbucks unicorn frappuchino Credit: Starbucks

I decided to ask around if anyone saw someone with this, one person said yes. I finally said I was walking to the Starbucks behind my school to see if this was real. It was and it was the weirdest drink I’ve ever gotten. There’s nothing written about it, saying what’s in it or what the flavour is so it was a leap of faith? The barista proceeded to tell me that it’s going to taste like mangos….it did not. The blue stuff on the side is the sour part of it which also has no flavour. The pink frapp part is literally ice with pink food colouring and there’s whip cream with blue and pink sprinkles on it.

I’ll admit it, at first my friend and I were excited when we got this weird concotion but the more we drank it the more weirded out we got. Literally everyone tried it, some were confused by it, some hated it, some said it didn’t taste like anything and maybe one person said it was good.

People have been questioning why they sold this and there’s articles going around about the Founder bashing Starbucks and this frapp. It’s good marketing, and it sold drinks. Starbucks is a business regardless if you see it as a coffee shop, it’s a damn business. There’s a head office that says we need this and we need that, and you know what we are the lovely people who bought it. It was a mystery we wanted to solve so we bought it. It was 100% good marketing.

In the end, I wouldn’t buy it again but it was worth the adventure.


My Apartment = Racist Assholes?

There is a “club” – and I use that term loosely – called My Apartment located at 35 Brunel Rd #2, Mississauga, ON. My friends birthday just passed and she wanted to go out somewhere new, some other friends of mine have been to this club and loved it. So when the birthday girl told me she plans to go to My Apartment I said okay with no problems. Worst mistake ever.

First of all, don’t be fooled thinking this club is nice like the ones we have in Toronto, no this club was located in a stripe mall (outdoor mall) and looked like a scene out of 8 Mile. When we got out of the car my friends and I started walking but the birthday girls boyfriend was still at the car because he forgot something. One random dude, gets out of his car and walks up to us asking if we can go in with him because they don’t let guys in without girls. We said no, he wouldn’t leave us alone so I stopped walking and waited for my friends boyfriend. The girls stopped with me and when her boyfriend caught up to us the random walked away.

We get to the line and all we see is white people waiting to get in, myself and another girl in our group walked up, got ID and was let in. All of the sudden this huge group of brown guys got let into the club without getting ID and they were all wearing running shoes – not that the bouncer checked. After they passed by I was looking for my friends and noticed they weren’t behind us so I went out and asked what’s going on? The bouncer wouldn’t let me friend’s boyfriend into the club because he didn’t like his shoes. This place has a dress code, the sign says “No running shoes (or shoes that look like them)” and obviously there’s a dress code with the clothing but that wasn’t the issue. The bouncer said wait here and we’ll talk so we waited, finally the bouncer comes back and asks what are we going to do? The boyfriend said I’m there DD (which is was) can you just let me in for them? Bouncer says no and starts getting extremely rude. It honestly seemed like he was waiting for a bribe. We left, were were not going to give them our money after he was being so rude to us.

I went online today and read the reviews for My Apartment, pretty much all of them say the same thing, they’re racist, bouncers are rude, club is empty because they don’t let the white guys in, service is terrible and so much more. In some of the reviews people wrote that the bouncers told you you were waiting in line because you’re white and asked when they were going to get in and were told whenever the bouncer feels like it. How sad is that? Also don’t be fooled by there website, it make it look ten times better then what it actually is!

I don’t even know why this place has a dress code since it’s so gross looking. Don’t waste you’re money here.

Anyways, my friends and I left and went to fionns and had a blast no thanks to My Apartment.

Sushi date.

Tonight was actually really fun and I completely needed it. Two girls from work asked me if I was busy this Friday night and I said no therefore we went to sushi. Now I’m not one who is good with chopsticks but I love me some good sushi, the place we went to is called Tokyo Maki Sushi; it was pretty good! It’s an all you can eat sushi place and it’s all one price, your drink, dinner and dessert is $20.99+tax. The service is really good, refills keep coming when you need them and the food comes out really fast. Dessert was also extremely good for something so simply, tempura banana and chocolate ice cream is heaven!



Honestly this is a good spot and is now one of my favourite places to get sushi! Should check it out if you’re ever in Brampton!