March Favourites 2021!

Picture taken from Google

Dr. Martens

I have wanted these for a long time and finally got them because they were a Christmas gift! I love the look of them and I heard they were extremely comfortable once you broke them in. I got them at Christmas and started breaking them in right away, it does take some time as they are real leather and they’re boots. You can’t wear thin socks with them but I usually wear those Puma ones you get from Costco and my feet are fine. I don’t wear them everyday so my feet can get a break plus you’re suppose to let your shoes breathe for 24 hours or something like that. I wear them all day long at work and my feet aren’t too bad but they’re worth it! They are pricey but if you have always wanted them I highly suggest to go for it. They’re usually around $200 on most site.

GelMoment Kit

With lockdowns brings boredom and constantly trying to find something to keep yourself busy, for me I started to paint my nails. However, regular nail polish sucks and chips off the same day you painted them.
My friend told me about this product she started to sell and said it was completely worth it as the nail polish stays for 2 weeks. I waited and thought about it then went for it. It’s the best thing I’ve ever bought. It’s a gel nail polish set, it’s 2 steps to put it on, easy removal at home, and it’s thin (I’ve seen other ones that were really thick.) It’s non toxic, eco-friendly, salon quality, long lasting, vegan friendly, olvent-free, lead-free, latex-free, cruelty-free, no Toluene, no Dibutyl Phtalate, no Formaldehyde, no Formaldehyde Resin, and no Camphor.
It’s so easy and fun to use, they have stamping kits, nail care and much more for you. My family has become obsessed with this and now I do my nails all the time because I know it’s going to last. Check out the website as there is different prices for the kits and products that you want.

Sherpa Jean Jacket

As I’ve said above lockdowns is pretty much constantly looking for things to do or keep you busy, for many shopping has been one of those things. My boyfriend started to watch a show called Yellowstone (if you haven’t seen it, go watch it it’s on Amazon Prime) so I started to watch some parts with him even though I eventually went back and watched it all. At one point in the show I saw a woman put on a sherpa lined jean jacket and instantly wanted it. I haven’t had a jean jacket since I was a child and thought it was about time. I saw that Marks Works Warehouse had one that was pretty close to the one I saw on the show so I bought it. Now I live in Canada so I will 100% wear a sherpa verison of a jean jacket than I would a regular one so I guess it depends where you live. This was at Marks for $150.

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