The 2018 List

I have been slacking big time and I keep saying I’m back but life is crazy!

  1. Get G
  2. Buy a Car
  3. Travel Somewhere
  4. Tree Top Trekking
  5. Toronto Maple Leaf Game
  6. Hiking
  7. Nuit Blanche
  8. Blue Jays Game
  9. Wonderland Water Park
  10. Wasaga Beach
  11. Rogers Center Tours
  12. Elora Gorge
  13. Imagine Dragons Concert
  14. Rob Zombie & Marilyn Manson Concert
  15. Ed Sheeran Concert

More to be added!

Thanks for reading,



I have not posted anything in awhile and I’m sorry for that. I know I sat this every time I haven’t written anything but I have been busy just living life. Over the month I have lived with my boyfriend for five (5) days straight, worked my butt of at work, and just been trying to figure everything out. Living with my boyfriend was pretty fun, the first day we were both cranky from no sleep and being in blah moods but after that it was complete fun and we didn’t fight so that’s a good sign. It’s funny because we acted like normal people, we sat on the couch, me playing on my tablet and him either watching hockey or playing Titanfall.

Now to get to what this post is actually about. Have any of you hear what a DietBet?

It’s a website that you go on, you can either create your own game or join an open game. You pay a small fee that you can create (I made mine $25) then invite all your friends to join. Everyone has to pay that small fee that goes into a pot, now everyone who has joined the game has four (4) weeks to lose 4% of their current body weight. Whoever loses 4% by the end of those four weeks gets the money in the pot. If you are the only one who makes it, you get all the money. If two people make it then you have top split the money between those three people.

I started this with my family and invited some friends, the pot is currently at $100 and it starts in two days. Today was our weigh-in, you have to send in picture of yourself on a scale, then a picture of the scale with the word they give you to show it’s you.

Now that my pictures have been verified I can begin the game of losing weight!

I will have to let you know who wins the money at the end of these four weeks.

If you want to start your own DietBet here is the website so you can check it out!

2014 List.


So I know I haven’t really done anything with my Fall List lately and it’s a new year so I was thinking instead of doing it by the season I should just do it by the year. Is that a good idea? Lemme know but that’s probably what I’m going to do. The only problem with that is that I have to think of some a lot of things to do in a year! I have a couple things written down so I’ll just start with that but I will be adding more and I will be writing about them!

1. Get G1 renewed.
2. Get G2.
3. Get G (if possible.)
4. Actually recieve my high school diploma (graduate high school part. 2)
5. Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada.
6. Tattoo.
7. Shooting Range.
8. Up close Jays Game.
9. Get a new full time job.
10. Understand football.
11. Learn to cook.
12. Go to a Toronto Maple Leafs game.
13. Camping.
14. Do something for my birthday.
15. Travel somewhere new.
16. SkyZone.
17. Toronto Raptors game.
18. Own my own car.
19. Finally get a visa.
20. Do a DietBet.
21. FanExpo
22. Toronto Christmas Market.
23. Nuit Blanche.
24. Picture with Santa in Christmas Sweaters.
25. Tree Top Trekking.
26. Go for a hike.
27. Go Karting.
28. Emerald Lake.
29. Rookwood.
30. Reptilia Reptile Zoo.
31. Axe Throwing.