Life Happens When You’re Busy Making Other Plans

HEY everyone, missing MIA blog girl here. I’m here to explain why I haven’t written a blog post in a very long time.

Reason No. 1 I bought a car! This was months of searching and testing and I finally bought one, Kia Optima! It’s amazing and the freedom is great but bills are not.

Reason No. 2 I (sorta) moved in with my boyfriend, so for awhile I didn’t have my laptop (not to mention my laptop broke for awhile) and I’ve been busy making dinner, working and cleaning.

Reason No. 3 Work, work, work, work, work! In my line of work the closer you get to Christmas and New Years Eve the crazier work gets and that’s exactly what happened in my life.

Reason No. 4 My boyfriend and I got a puppy! His name is Drax and he’s the cutest little monster.


He is currently 5 months and 45lbs, he’s going to be huge but he’s a big cuddle monster and power chewer that takes up all my time.

That’s it! That’s my life, that’s what I’ve been up too. Sorry for the very late post and I will try to keep at it!

Thanks for reading,


I got a Visa!

Now this isn’t the most exciting news but it’s something I’ve been meaning to get. Most people when they hear the word ‘visa’ they think a travel visa but in Canada we have a credit card called Visa.

It was a simple and easy process for me, I already have other accounts with this bank and I got auto-approved. It takes 5-10 business days in order to reach me and I’m looking forward to it.

Now and days you pretty much need a credit card and I need to start building up a credit score so I can buy a car or a house with my boyfriend. I’m excited that I’ve done this step because it’s on my list of stuff that I need to get done in order to move on up in the world.

Just a quick post in order to keep up with my 2015 list!

Thanks for reading,


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Becoming A Lifeguard: Little Did We Know

When I was younger and I went to a pool, beach or saw lifeguards on TV I thought it was the best job anyone could have. I mean come on, you’re in the sun, tanning in a bathing suit all day long, it doesn’t even sound like you’re working. Little did I know that when I grew up I was going to become a lifeguard, I also didn’t know what I was in for.

When I first started to train to be a lifeguard I didn’t know how many steps there was going to be, I did five months of training that I paid for to get this job, and forty volunteer hours. I got hired at the City of Brampton in April 2010, all the trainings were way different back than and it was all the training my friends and I did, these new guards have things easy.

The first step to becoming a lifeguard is getting your Bronze Medallion and Emergency First Aid with CPR-B. This course cost $116.15 and that’s not including the book that cost minimum $15 you NEED to do the course or else you will be completely lost.

The second step is getting yet another form of first aid, this one is called Bronze Cross and Standard First Aid with CPR-C, this isn’t the highest form of first aid, this is your basic training to pretty much prepare you for when EMS arrives. This course cost $162.10 and of course there’s a book that goes with this one as well.

The third step! This one you need to be a minimum of 14 years of age and have taken Bronze Cross (and passed the course). This step is called Assistant Instructor and it cost $95.60 plus additional fees for the book you need. When I first started working they actually had a position you could get paid for as an assistant instructor and they had a requirement that you needed to complete 40 hours of volunteering as an assistant. They for some reason took this step out and now all the instructors get thrown into the next step not having any idea of what they are getting into.

The fourth step is similar to the third step but a little bit more work, this step is called Swim and Lifesaving Instructor. All this course focuses on is, how to teach, and correcting your own strokes, I mean you can’t teach swimming if you completely suck at it right? This course you must be the age of 16 years old, have taken your Bronze Cross, and cost $164.45 (not including the massive binder of books you need for this course).

For some reason in the City of Brampton you are required to have your Airway Management (5th step by the way), imagine 16 year olds playing with an oxygen tank that could break through a concrete wall if dropped. Would you want kids doing this around your body? I don’t like the fact that we have to have this but we do so I have this qualification, this course you only need your Standard First Aid (basic first aid) and have $61.75.

You can get a job with all these qualifications but you won’t get many hours because there’s only so many instructional shifts. Most people who have been instructors for at least a year go the next step and get their lifeguarding qual.

To be a Lifeguard you need to be 16 years of age, have taken your Bronze Cross and Standard First aid with CPR-C and have $163.65 (additional for the book). In this course you learn the techniques to saving someone in the water, spinals and how to work in a team. This course includes your AED qualification, for those of you who don’t know what an AED is, it’s that thing you see in movies when people yell “CLEAR!” then shock the person. When I first started the AED wasn’t included with this course, you had to pay separate for it.

Every pool has a Deck Supervisors, they’re the person who knows all the rules, who’s in charge of all the instructors or guards and all the people in the water or on deck – needless to say this is a big responsibility. Of course this course cost $91.10 and is pretty much pointless. I took this because I was made a DS but never had the qual, I learnt more on my own then I did in this course, but we need it. For most people this is the highest they will ever go in the “poolie” world, they either stay at this position until they want to move on in life or they go even higher into actually teaching all the courses I just wrote about.

You just spent roughly a $1,000+ to get a job that only pays you minimum wage.

Here’s the catch, all those qualifications listed above expire every two years, that means we have to redo all those courses every two years. The good part was most of the time we either got it for free or 20% off the course, until they took that away from us. Yes, now that means every two years we have to pay roughly $1,000 to keep our jobs. When I first started working we would get raises every year, it was only a couple of cents but at least it was slowly going up as you moved up in the business, that only happened the first year I worked for the city. After that they made a pay freeze, meaning no more raises you get minimum wage, for four years now they’ve told us that we were going to get more money, they keep telling us oh it’s going to happen in May, May comes around and they tell us on it’s in June now, June comes around and all of the sudden it’s in January now. This has been going on for four years now. For the City of Brampton we are only allowed to work 24 hours a week max, in the summer if you are going back to school in the fall you are allowed to go to 40 hours. If you don’t plan on going back to school in the fall you must stay at 24 hours in the summer. Does that make sense to you?

Now let us get to the good part of this job, when you do all this training they don’t tell you what you’re in for. I did not know I was going to get kicked, punched, slapped, spit on, yelled at, and get chlorine burn every time I worked. I loved my job at first then politics happened and not to mention I only make minimum wage. Another thing they don’t tell you is that if a situation does happen there is a chance you can get sued by that person, we work minimum wage and HAVE to safe you if you are on city property, please don’t sue me!

The whole point of this very long post is just to get this out in the open, most people don’t realize what us lifeguards have to go through and how much we make. Most people think if you work for the city you make big bucks but that’s not how it works. All we want is more money than minimum wage and to be treated nicely and with respect.

Contiki Holidays/Tours


Hello Everyone!

If you have read my blog for awhile you know that YouTube is a big part of my life. One of my favourite YouTubers Alli Speed (use to be Alli Trippy) travels all over the world. Most of the time she travels on her own without a company but once a year a company that sponsors YouTubers takes a a couple of them on a trip. Last year they went to Australia, this year they are currently at Barcelona!

My whole life I’ve wanted to go to England and Ireland but no one would ever go with me (I mean I use to beg my mum to take me!) I looked up Ireland on the company’s website and saw the price and said I’m going to do this.

About Contiki Tours

It’s pretty much a travel company but it’s for 18-35 year olds. You look up where you want to go, put a deposit down, then you have 45 days to pay the full thing (if you save for it is reasonable.) The company plans all the little details so you don’t have to worry about them. Flight, how you’re getting around and what you’re going to see and eat is all taken care of. You travel around with a group (other people who have signed up for it), you have a tour guide with you the whole time but you also get some down time to do the things you want or if you want to have a night of drinking lets say, you can do that too.

My Plan

I haven’t travelled in a long time since I’ve stopped playing baseball and it sucks because I’ve gone all over the United States but I’ve never been to the UK and it’s always been a dream of mine. I told my parents about it and they said it was a pretty cool idea, I told my sister and boyfriend about it because hopefully one of them will come with me. Even if they don’t save the money and I do I can also go by myself because I’m never really alone, I just won’t know anyone there.

Since I really want to do this I need to start planning now, I’m shooting for around next year summer to go.

Things I Need to Do

  1. Passport – need to get it filled out for a new one and pictures!
  2. Save – keep saving money the way I have been and I will be alright.
  3. Get plug adapter for Ireland/Scotland/England (a master one with all will work best)
  4. Make sure boyfriend or sister are saving for this!
  5. Make the ultimate packing list!
  6. Traveling backpack (work walking around)
  7. Second battery for camera.
  8. Second memory card for camera. (or load onto computer)
  9. Let work know in advanced.
  10. Find someone to take care of animals. (teach someone how)
  11. Book trip early.
  12. TRAVEL!

Obviously it’s still early so as time goes on I will have a better plan and will figure out what I’m going to do.

I really hope this comes together! I will keep you updated on it!

If you are interested in traveling but don’t really know how and are between the ages 18-35 check out their website!

This will have to be apart of my 2015 list! I will post a link when I create that one!


15 Beach Approved Must Haves


The official first day of summer is June 21 this year but the weather makes it feel like it’s already here (and were happy about that!) For me when I think about summer the thing that mostly comes to mind is the beach, that got me thinking for my next post! Today I’m going to give you a list of beach must haves! Lets get started…

1. Beach Bag. This is a # 1 must, what are you going to carry all your things in? Having a beach bag will help a great deal, for me this bag needs to be a big bag to carry all the must haves you will read. Getting one with a bright colour or fun picture on it will help with the beach mood.

2. Towels. Notice the ‘s’! Yes, bring two (2) towels to the beach with you! One for laying down on or leaving it on your beach chair and the second is to dry your self off. With the second towel keep it out of the sand, there’s nothing worse then going to dry yourself off when you’re about to leave and your towel is completely covered in sand.

3. Sunscreen. As I wrote in my previous post sunscreen is a must. The sun is getting stronger and we need to protect ourselves, also there’s nothing worse then having a terrible burn (ouch!)

4. A Hat. I’m the type of girl who loves wearing ball caps therefore I have no problem buying or wearing a hat. Some people think they don’t look good in hats or they just straight up don’t like wearing them. When you’re at the beach and you don’t have a lot of shade from the sun a hot is important. You don’t have to wear it the whole time but giving your head, face and neck a break from the sun is a must on a hot, sunny day. Now it doesn’t have to be a baseball cap, that’s just what I like, but I also have a straw cowboy hat! Go out shopping a try to find cheap hats that you love and won’t mind getting a little water on them! Have some fun with it!

5. Sunglasses. Having a pair of sunglasses helps you from squinting your eyes just to see your books or the people next to you. You don’t have to bring your good pair of glasses to the beach, finding a cheap pair (like $5 and under) is a great pair for the beach. If you end up losing them in the water or they get scratched, it’s okay because it’s not your good pair you spent your well earned money on.

6. Reading Material. I know I’m the type of person who has trouble just laying in the sun doing nothing because I fry when I’m out in the sun but I also love reading. Having a good book or magazine at the beach is a must!

7. Water Resistant Phone Pouch. You can find these online, they’re great when you’re at the beach because it’ll protect your phone from water and sand! Now you don’t have to buy one you can simply just use a plastic bag, that works just as well.

8. Lip Balm with SPF. Your lips need protection too! There’s nothing worse them being at the beach and finding yourself with chapped lips and nothing to help fit it. I recommend keeping your sunscreen and lip balm out of the sun to keep it cool and from melting!

9. Beach Spike. This is a great way from keeping your drinks being covered in sand! This can be found at

10. Leave In Conditioner. In my previous post I wrote about skin and hair with the sun. Leave in conditioner is a must have when you’re at the beach. The sun takes a lot out of you, so when your done at the beach and ready to head home, put some leave in conditioner so your hair can soak some moisture back into it.

11. A Football. Having some sort of sport equipment at a beach is always fun. For my family it was baseball gloves and a ball, but when I’m with a group of friends we all throw a football around. It doesn’t have a be a football, you can also bring a volleyball, soccer ball, etc.

12. iPod. For me it’s always great to have some music when you’re relaxing. Now if you’re with a group of friends that your close enough to just have your relaxing time, go ahead and bring this. But if your with lets say your boyfriend and his friends I wouldn’t exactly bring this and seem anti-social. Bringing it for the car is great since know one likes listening to the commercials on the radio anyways.

13. A Cooler. When I go to the beach we also go to the dollar store and beer store to stock up on some drinks. Having alcohol is fun and relaxing but be careful with it when you’re in the sun. Make sure your drinking one bottle of water after every beer to prevent yourself from getting dehydrated! In my cooler we also bring water, pop, alcoholic beverages and some food.

14. Lotion/Aloe. When your done at the beach and your sitting in the car driving home and you realize you are burnt, have tight skin or just a nice tan. You want to make sure you have something for that, bringing lotion or aloe will help a great deal. If you’re at a beach that doesn’t have showers to rinse off this may be a little harder but if you are its’ perfect. Once you’re done at the beach, rinse off, dry off and lotion your body up. The drive home won’t be as uncomfortable and it will help keep your tan from turning into peeling skin!

15. Camera. You can use your phone but sometimes phone cameras don’t always do the trick. I carry my camera around with me where ever I got, this is a great time to capture moments with your friends and families!

That’s it! Let me know if this came handy when you were packing for the beach!
Do you have anymore to add to the list, leave them in the comments!

15 Things School Didn’t Teach Me

1. How to get a credit card without ruining your credit. (I do not have one, I do not want to be broke but I need one soon!)
2. How to do my taxes. (I still don’t know how, my mum doesn’t them for me.)
3. How to pay your taxes! (I’m 22 and had to pay taxes for the first time tonight!)
4. How to wash your clothes without ruining them. (I learnt a long time ago but I know some people who have no idea!)
5. How to handle money without going broke. 
6. How to buy a house. 
7. How to buy a car. 
8. Figure out what you want to do in life. (Sure you do some stupid test at what you would be good at but they never once helped my take the right courses to at least one goal.)
9. Tell you all the things you need in like, for example, health insurance, life insurance, etc. 
10. How to find your own doctor or dentist.
11. How to make a great resume.
12. How to do well in interviews.
13. How to rent a car, book a flight or a hotel.
14. How to cook. (I’m pretty sure back in the day my parents HAD to take a cooking class.)
15. How to take risks. 

Valentines Day

Well it’s that time of the year again when all the singles bitch and complain that they are so alone on this one “special” day, when really it is the most stupid day of the year.

Now most of you reading this are probably thinking that, oh here’s just another single girl bitching like I said up above, you’re wrong. I actually have a boyfriend. I’ve been with him for a year and a bit but I still have this stupid non-holiday. My boyfriend is all for it where as I’m the one telling him that we are not doing anything and we’re not getting each other gifts. He of course didn’t listen and got me something so I felt bad and got him something. Even though I hate this day I will participate because I know he will love doing something small for me, that’s just the way he is.

I however went big with his gift because he completely deserves it. I am not saying what it is just in case he has one of these are actually knows what my URL is.

He told me that he ordered my gift, now that can be a number of things and I’m actually so nervous as to what he got me. We are not actually doing Valentines Day on the 14th, we are actually doing it on the 16th because he works; this is okay with me.

Now back to the ranting.

I do not know why this day has to be the one day that boys and girls have to be nice to the person they like. Why does this one day have to be the day that you get your boyfriend or girlfriend a gift or treat them to something nice? I would much rather get a surprise gift for no good reason then get a gift on Valentines day.

I mean everyday should be they day that you do something nice for your other half! When my boyfriend got me flowers for finally finishing high school I was so damn happy, but knowing that I’m going to get them on that day isn’t going to be as much fun.

Now guys, I know you’re thinking that it’s actually so hard to buy girls something because maybe you don’t know them that well and you want to get to know them, flowers is the best gift on a random day. I know girls will say, “Oh I hate flowers, they die, they’re so stupid.” Guess what, she’s lying. Girls love that shit, they eat it up and this is coming from a girl. And to be honest, cheesy is better in my opinion. A simple little love letter of what you care about that person or you’re favourite things about them is honestly the best thing, you can keep those things forever!

I’m just a big cheese ball though and I know my boyfriend is the same way even though we don’t look it. I mean we eat crap food, watch sports and he farts on me all the time but that’s just us. We are honestly the weird couple that everyone hates because of how close we are to each other.

Now girls, guys are actually really hard to buy for, but most guy I think just don’t really give a shit about gifts and they just want to be with you, have sex and just relax like it’s any other day. This I also know what my boyfriend would want, but my boyfriend just loves to make me happy and make me feel special.

Both men and females, if the person really cares about you, it’s not the gift that matters it’s just being able to spend that time together is what matters.

So this Valentines day, relax at home, get naked, have amazing sex and watch a horror movie.

All I’ve ever wanted…

  1. To fall completely in loveImage
  2. To be happy. 
  3. To own a mini cooper countrymanImage
  4. To own my own small, cute house.
  5. To be able to play fastpitch foreverImage
  6. To be fit. 
  7. To have the motivation to go to the gym every/every other day. 
  8. To have a planned mistake (as my boyfriend puts it…)
  9. To feel healthy.
  10. Complete all my goals.
  11. Have a cool ass wedding with a sick corset dress. 
  12. To make this the one of many best Christmas’ for my boyfriend. 
  13. To have a great new year kiss (for once)
  14. To not completely fuck up a relationship somehow. 
  15. To be able to talk to people without being awkward and really shy. 
  16. To be interesting and outgoing. 
  17. To never lose my weirdness. 
  18. To be confident with myself and what I do. 
  19. To have motivation to get things done like my G2 for example. 
  20. Not to be rich, but to be wealthy.