Meet Pippi!

As most of you know my cat Anica passed away in August, my family missed having a cat around so we decided to start looking around. My sister found PetSmarts online adoption website so we started to look from there. One day I was at my boyfriend’s house just hanging out while he was napping, I found a cat named Pippi. Pippi met all our requirements, grey, long hair, cuddly, and to not be picky with her food. I showed my mum right away to which we fell in love with.

The story on her page was that she lived on the streets of Toronto, Ontario, Canada for a year and half, there was a nice lady that would take care of her until Pippi showed her she had kittens. The lady took her to the animal place where they cleaned them all up, got their shots and made sure they got homes. Pippi didn’t have a home until we came around, apparently Pippi was in a PetSmart store but she hated it so they put her with a foster mum until someone came around to give her a loving home.

My mum called the number that was on her page, she had to do a phone interview to make sure that we were a good cat family. After that we had to call the foster parents to ask any questions and make a date to see her. When went to see her and I fell in love right away, so did my family I think but we ended up taking her home that night.

She was extremely shy, hid under everything but was slowly coming out, now Pippi is comfortable at her new home, she loves her cat house that looks over our big windows, she sleeps on all things soft, beds, and couches, loves trying to get human food like a dog and has the cutest meow when she wants her food.

Everyone meet our lovely Pippi!


Thanks for reading,



The Right Way to Christmas Shop

I live in Canada so Thanksgiving is over, Halloween is around the corner and all the stores are putting out their Christmas stuff. Before you know it the next time you’re at the mall you’re in the crazy, madness, stressing out about what to get the cousin of yours. We’ve all been there, even I, but this year is the year I’m changing the way I shop!

In this post I’m going to let you know how I’ve planned my Christmas shopping and got right to it at the start of October!

Lets begin…

First you want to figure out who the hell you’re buying for. Write it all down, write every single name you think you should buy a gift for this year. Mine looks like this…

1. Mum                        6. Step-Dad
2. Dad                          7. Step-Mother
3. Sister                       8. Boyfriend’s Mum
4. Step-Brother          9. Dog
5. Boyfriend               10. Cat

I have way more then ten people, don’t worry if the list is big. Now that you’ve gotten that out of the way, on a different sheet of paper just brain storm some ideas for each person. I’m going to use my sister as an example; all you have to do is right whatever comes to mind.


– car matts
-batta fish
-batta fish tank
-batta food
-Pandora bracelet
-Tim Hortons gift card
-Starbucks gift card
-air freshener for car

Now to someone else this make not make any sense but to explain my sister just got her first car and she wants a batta fish, that’s why those were my main focuses.

TIP! If you really can’t think of anything for someone, take them out shopping with you one day and see what they pick up and talk about. Or just listening to them and see what they need around the house, for their cars or something that will help them.

Once you’ve brain stormed for every person and have it all written down, the next step is to figure out from that list you actually want to get them. Going off of my sister’s list, I know my mum will be buying her the car stuff (NOTE: communicate with friends and family so you don’t buy doubles!) so my next go to thing is a batta fish.

Now my sister has had fish before but that’s when we were younger, I started off buy going to a pets store and picking up some information about batta fish. Pet Smart is a great place to go, they have free paper brochures with everything you need and even health concerns to look out for in the pet. Once I got that I got a small tank, the tank I got came with food, gravel and water cleaning solution.

I got her that at the start of October, I haven’t bought anything else for her but slowly with each pay I get a little more gifts. I’ve been slowly buying gifts since the start of October so by the time November comes, I’ll mostly be done my shopping. Now because the first gift that I got for my sister came with everything I just need to worry about getting the fish, but that can wait closer to Christmas time.

In the end, go over your list/brain storming one more time just to make sure you didn’t miss anything or maybe someone told you, “oh I really want this for Christmas.” Once all that is done, it’s time a start wrapping those gifts!

So lets recap and write in point form.

1. Figure out who you’re buying for by writing all the names down.
2. On different sheet of paper brain storm ideas of what to get that person. Do for each persons name you wrote down.
3. Out of that brain stormed list, pick something you actually want to buy them.
4. Do a litter research on which one is best/any info you may need/where to buy.
5. Every time you’re out buy one part of each person, slowly. It doesn’t have to be done all in one sitting.
6. Go over you list and make sure you’ve gotten everything.
7. Start wrapping!

I know it may seem confusing the way I wrote it but you get what I’m saying..maybe.

Hopefully this was somewhat helpful!

x – Maeghan