COVID-19 Layoff: Day Sixty-Six


Today was semi productive day, this morning Drax didn’t want to walk as it was already 20 degrees at 9am. This weather is insane and it’s only going to get worse next week.

Dave and I finally got the AC unit from my Mum’s cause she is the bomb, came back to installed it and now we’re ready for the heat wave to come aka tomorrow!

Tomorrow I may be going to my Dad’s to get my tires changed over saving me some money, plus I’ll get to see my Dad and the doggos.

The rest of the day not much was done besides hanging out and watching tv, then Dave and I got a complaint saying we were loud all day, banging things even though we were not. The man below us is old and apparently complains about everything, which we were warned of when moving in but he seriously needs to calm down. In the evening we took Drax for his longer walk so he was cool and he could actually get some exercise in.

That’s all I’ve got today!

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COVID-19 Layoff: Day Thirteen

I have never been so sore in my life. I’m walking around like an 80 year old!

Yesterday I did a workout (check out yesterdays blog if you’re interested) and it literally killed me. Now I haven’t worked out in forever because I’m a lazy adult that just gave up apparently, but we’re getting back into it. I decided today was going to be rest day (because rest is important too) then tomorrow I’m doing another workout. Stay tuned for that.

Walked Drax a couple times today but it was a misty/rainy day again. This weather is okay to keep people inside for COVID-19 but for Drax and my weather related migraines are not happy about it at all!

Today was lazy/grumpy day. Just being locked up this much is making me go stir crazy. I just want things to go back to normal.

On the bright side my friend bought me Swiss Chalet and I’m stuffed and happy about it. Boredom is life lately and I need to get out of it! Tell me your ideas to stay busy in the comments!

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COVID-19 Layoff: Day Eleven

The boredom was hella real today.

It poured this morning until 1pm so Drax was pretty much in bed. At around 1:30 – 2pm it got sunny and warm so I took Drax on a walk. He wasn’t expecting the heat and was a thirsty little boy so we cut it short. It was good we got our exercise in though. We came back and about 30-40 mins later it started to rain again, thankfully I didn’t get caught in it!

I literally did NOTHING today so I don’t have much to say. I did a cross stitch for my step dad, I honestly don’t know if he reads this, I’ll have to check with my mum before posting a photo, so you might see that tomorrow.

The rest of the day was a right off, we watching TV and ate pretty much. I’m going a little stir crazy and just want to be at work (who thought they would be saying that eh?)

Well my mum told me this there’s a living room concert that I wasn’t interested in but now I’m going to watch because why the hell not, plus the movie my boyfriend put on is weird and he’s not watching it anymore so too bad.

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