COVID-19 Layoff: Day Twelve

Today was a good-ish day!

I did my usual morning routine with the dog but decided I was going to weight myself and workout. Have you ever heard have Hannah Bower? She’s like my favourite ‘workout person’, she’s gone through the journey herself of gaining weight, health issues and negetive self image. She’s so real it’s refreshing, she shows her family, her parenting style and so much more. She’s just positive and encouraging. She posted all her at home workouts in a story so I found one of those and did it! It was simple but it killed me (I’m hella out of shape); it consits of squats, situps, pushups, side lunges and supermans. Your first rep is 20 of each exercise, then you do 15 of each exercise, then 12, 10, 8 and 5 with minimal breaks in between. My legs are SORE.

My boyfriend misses hockey so much that he is using his NHL game to play computer vs computer just to watch the Leafs play. The man is going crazy. LOL

Not much else happened, besides we found puzzles at the dollarstore cause my awesome friend told me they were there! We got 3, they’re only 500 pieces but it’s something to do! We might set up a puzzle trade with someone because everywhere is sold out of them. Pictures to come!

That’s pretty much it! I actually almost forgot to write this so you know, duh. I’m going to go wash my very dirty hair and go to bed with Drax, he’s the best cuddle buddy.

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COVID-19 Layoff: Day Nine

I definitely did not make today interesting.

Drax got walked five times today, I did not work out and I literally cross stitch all day. Literally worked on the same cross stitch all day and I can’t even show it because it’s a gift for my sister and I know she reads this blog! Hi Caitlin!

My sister also wants some bread so I made that today and it’s currently rising so tomorrow morning I can bake it!

Dave and I did go to Walmart to get a new puzzle but they were completely sold out so now were going to order one off of Chapters website because apparently their still delivering! We’ll probably do that tomorrow.

I did cut my boyfriend’s hair, which I’m happy about because he doesn’t look homeless anymore! Woohoo!

Only other thing to write about is that my dog is EXTREMELY suck today! He follows me everywhere I go, I give him attention, we played in an empty field today, he got treats, I just don’t know what his issue is. Knowing him it’s something simple like Dave and I are not sitting on the couch with him but now he’s finally asleep and we’ll start the whole thing over again tomorrow!

Stayed tuned for maybe fun adventures.

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COVID-19 Layoff: Day Seven

Happy Quarantine Day Seven! How is everyone doing? Tell me how your keeping yourself entertained in the comments (located at the top of each blog post).

The highlight of my day was finishing the puzzle! In the morning I was doing dishes and god knows what and Dave was working away, at one point I stood up to see how he was doing and was shocked. He did a lot of work so I said gets just finish it! We worked together and filled it out quickly.



The rest of the day was pretty much a right off. Worked on my online class and my code came in for EI but my ROE isn’t on their yet! I’ll check for that tomorrow but I’m pretty much just hanging around and taking Drax on long walks because what else is there to do? Dave and I will have to get another puzzle to make the time go again, a 1000 pieces only took us a week.

That’s it, that’s all. Stay tuned for more exciting adventures!

Thanks for reading,



COVID-19 Layoff: Day Six

Today I actually got to leave the house!

My morning went something like this…Drax woke me up at 8am, feed him, walk him, dishes, make bread (!), make breakfast, fight with boyfriend (anyone else want to murder their significant other?), wait for Trudeau to speak, he said nothing of importance, get ready, get shit done.

The bread went so well and I’m trying not to eat the whole thing in one sitting. I made the dough the day before then it had to rise for 8-24 hours. In the morning I preheated the oven (that takes forever so I took Drax on his walk), once that was done I put Dutch oven in the oven for 30 mins, take that out, put dough in and bake away. It baked for 45mins (depending on your oven).

Dough after it sat over night.


Finished bread!

I’m trying so hard to eat it all but I already had 2 pieces.

I went to the post office to mail out my ROE, I got tracking on it so I can see where it goes and when it gets there (since it’s important and all). I’ll check on that tomorrow and try not to freak out. My boyfriend wanted to go to Walmart to get a movie so we went and instantly felt the anxiety of being in that store with people. I wanted to get out so fast because now I don’t trust people even more (trust issues!). Came home and chilled out doing quarantine things like our puzzle! Dave did most of it today and I spent my time filling in the holes he made. We killed it today!

KILLING IT! If you look at yesterday’s post you’ll see the other progess photos.

Welp, that’s all folks. Today was mostly puzzle day.

Stay tuned for more excited adventures.

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COVID-19 Layoff: Day Five

Today was a not so good day.

I woke up to snow (ew) then it rained a bit (double ew) and it’s day five.

The morning routine was normal (dog walks and all), had some chocolate chip banana pancakes for breakfast (can you tell that diet is going well?) then I did some online work. However, today was the day that I had to pick up my Record of Employment and trying to figure out what the fuck I do with this paper. I do not understand why the government of Canada makes apply for EI so fucking hard. I also don’t know why they dont teach any of this in schools!

Do you know what I (barely) learnt in school that I haven’t used since I left? “Find X in this equation”, “train A is going 50km/h and train B is going 5km/h, where will they meet?” NOT ONCE! I’m almost 29 years old and I don’t know how to do my taxes yet if we don’t do them we can get in big shit, but godforbid we don’t teach it in school. How does that make sense? But enough ranting about that for today.

Picking up my ROE just made me think about how broke I am and being a millennial, I was already screwed to begin with, and now starting over (yippy).

Enough negativity for today, as promised, pictures of the puzzle we’re working on….

Day one
Day Two. Feeling pretty good, got the corner in.
Day Three.
Day Four. Dave and I killing it this day.
Day Five. Today was a slow day.

That’s all folks, hopefully tomorrow is a better day. Tomorrow is bread day (dough is made but it needs to rise) so I’ll be even fatter!

Stay tuned for more adventures!

Thanks for reading,