I’m Alive!

Hey Everyone!

I know I haven’t written in a really long time and I aplogize for that but it is because I’m currently enrolled at Aveda Institute Toronto! It’s an intense hairstylist program that I’m loving. When the Christmas break coming up I’m going to try to write and get you all updated!

I have one update for you which is I cut my hair! As you know I had pretty long hair and one day a student and I decided it needed to be cut so we did it that day! We took about 6-12 inches off!


There it is! Well I will hopefully be writing a lot in the upcoming break to get you updated!

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Throw Back Thursday: Bill Nye the Science Guy

I believe I speak for every student, past and present, when you walked into science class and saw that huge TV you knew it was going to be a great class. It could go two ways, (a) a really boring movie that you probably never paid any attention to or (b) the awesome Bill Nye the Science Guy!



Bill Nye the Science Guy was an educational show that focused on all things science. Each teacher always made a worksheet that had questions you needed to look for as you watched, the best part was that all the questions were in order so you just went along and wrote.
Bill Nye made whatever topic he was talking about interesting and easy to understand.

The Show was only 30 mins long and had a great theme song that got stuck in your head. For the rest of the day you’d be saying, “Bill, Bill, Bill!” It was fun though!

Well that’s all folks! Let me know if you liked these shows in class and if so which one was your favourite?

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15 Things School Didn’t Teach Me

1. How to get a credit card without ruining your credit. (I do not have one, I do not want to be broke but I need one soon!)
2. How to do my taxes. (I still don’t know how, my mum doesn’t them for me.)
3. How to pay your taxes! (I’m 22 and had to pay taxes for the first time tonight!)
4. How to wash your clothes without ruining them. (I learnt a long time ago but I know some people who have no idea!)
5. How to handle money without going broke. 
6. How to buy a house. 
7. How to buy a car. 
8. Figure out what you want to do in life. (Sure you do some stupid test at what you would be good at but they never once helped my take the right courses to at least one goal.)
9. Tell you all the things you need in like, for example, health insurance, life insurance, etc. 
10. How to find your own doctor or dentist.
11. How to make a great resume.
12. How to do well in interviews.
13. How to rent a car, book a flight or a hotel.
14. How to cook. (I’m pretty sure back in the day my parents HAD to take a cooking class.)
15. How to take risks. 

Graduate High School Part 1

This morning I decided to check if my mark was posted for my exam and it was; I finally finished high school! Honestly wanted to complete this so bad so everyone can get off my ass about it plus I also wanted to do it for myself. I now can try to figure out what I want to do for the rest of my life and die in a college.

The only problems with school and I is that I hate traveling to the place, if I have to get up and go to it I’m just kind of like fuck it! My step-dad said something about doing college the way I finished my finally grade, just get the books and mail in the work, if that is an actual option I am totally going to do that. Still the problem is I have no fucking idea what I want to do with my life and I sure as hell know that I don’t want to be stuck at that shitty pool for the rest of my life.

I text everyone that either helped me get through this school or means something to me but only two people have answered, my mum and my bestfriend from work. I know my boyfriend will wake up in an hour or so and he will be tres excited for me!

This is only part one because I want to actually do a graduating ceremony since the school offers it and my family would probably want pictures of me graduating. I would also want pictures to post since I did work my ass off at this and I am very proud of it. That will probably take a long time to plan with the school since I missed the deadline for the upcoming one but I will for sure be ready for the next one! I will let you know how that goes and I will post pictures.

In the mean time here is a picture I took of the screen so I could post it on facebook!



Thanks for reading!