2014 List.


So I know I haven’t really done anything with my Fall List lately and it’s a new year so I was thinking instead of doing it by the season I should just do it by the year. Is that a good idea? Lemme know but that’s probably what I’m going to do. The only problem with that is that I have to think of some a lot of things to do in a year! I have a couple things written down so I’ll just start with that but I will be adding more and I will be writing about them!

1. Get G1 renewed.
2. Get G2.
3. Get G (if possible.)
4. Actually recieve my high school diploma (graduate high school part. 2)
5. Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada.
6. Tattoo.
7. Shooting Range.
8. Up close Jays Game.
9. Get a new full time job.
10. Understand football.
11. Learn to cook.
12. Go to a Toronto Maple Leafs game.
13. Camping.
14. Do something for my birthday.
15. Travel somewhere new.
16. SkyZone.
17. Toronto Raptors game.
18. Own my own car.
19. Finally get a visa.
20. Do a DietBet.
21. FanExpo
22. Toronto Christmas Market.
23. Nuit Blanche.
24. Picture with Santa in Christmas Sweaters.
25. Tree Top Trekking.
26. Go for a hike.
27. Go Karting.
28. Emerald Lake.
29. Rookwood.
30. Reptilia Reptile Zoo.
31. Axe Throwing.

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