Renew G1

First of all I would just like to point out that we are pretty much a month into Spring and it’s snowing outside. Canada problems.

This morning I woke up to go rewrite the test for my G1! Yes, I’m an idiot that had my G1 for 5 years and let it almost expire. So we get there and they’re all oh you can renew it, and keep telling me that I have to rewrite the test, yes I know this already just let me rewrite it. So finally I get up to the front desk and she does the eye test, then I ask for a new picture. She tells me that I have to wait a see if I can get one after I pass. When I go to get my test the girl was confused that I wanted to rewrite the G1 test even though it doesn’t expire until next week. I said yes, then the two ladies that were their said, “Oh that’s going to cause a lot of problems.” Shaking their heads like I give a damn. I pass the test, I go back up to the table to find out that the computer wouldn’t let me take a new picture and that I have to go to Service Ontario to do that.

We were hungry so we got breakfast that went to Service Ontario, when we got up to the desk everyone seemed so confused about me wanting to take a new picture since my old one I look like I’m 12 and it’s a bad photo of me. We explained to the lady that I just rewrote the test and that they wouldn’t let me take the picture there so I had to come here. The lady told me that the other lady at the Drive Test centre was an idiot because all she had to do was hit yes on the computer instead of no and now that if I want a picture that I have to pay $20. We said we asked her three times if we could do it there and she said no and that we would just pay the $20. She was such a nice, funny lady and said sorry that she had to charge us.

Anyways, I now have my G1 and five years to get my G all over again. I have a boyfriend that’s going to teach me and I might be taking classes over the may long weekend unless I’m doing something with my boyfriend. FUN. This morning was stressfull somewhat but now everything is done. I just had a couple more things to update for this year!

Another thing checked off my 2014 List!

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