I got a Tattoo!

Oh hey!

That’s right, I did another thing off my 2014 List that will never go away!

I went to a place in Streetsville, Mississauga called Skintricate. My friend got three of her tattoos done there so that’s where she obviously took me. I thought they we were only going to get the drawing done but I ended up getting the actual tattoo. The artist that did mine, he’s name is Mike, you can go to the website listed below to see he’s art work.

My friend was with me and took pictures for me so lucky for you guys you get to see how it all went down! First off Mike did the outline on the paper that puts the picture on to your skin. (Below)



The next step was for him to actually tattoo the outline (below), this is when the tattooing started and I felt my first pain. It’s actually not that bad of pain. On the meaty parts of my arm it just felt like a pinch, but on the bone, that’s the part that hurts. I got through it though.



Once that was done this is the annoying part and the fast part, also the fun part because it starts to look like an picture and not a creepy outline. I will just post the pictures and not write anything about the shading. (Below)









As you can see I was bleeding! LOL but that’s alright. Now for the final picture, after taking off the bandage I had one for 2-3 hours.



Now that it has been a couple of days it’s starting to look gross but it will go away. My boyfriend has a million tattoos so I can ask him if I have any questions.

I’m really excited about it but I just want all the healing part to be over with! I got a duck because I love ducks, I’m weird and have 80 just on one shelf that I have in my bedroom. I just think they’re so cute even though they are messed up in some parts of life!

Thanks for reading!



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