The Can’t Cook Book Trails Day Three

If you have read my blog all that time then you know that last year for Christmas I got The Can’t Cook Book and I said I was over the time of having it going to try to make every recipe in there. Well I was awake at 5am and was hungry so I looked at one thing I could make.

I went with the Soft-boiled Egg with Toast aka The Granny Egg.

It was pretty easy actually, I didn’t even have the book with me. I may have burnt my toast but that’s because my toaster oven is weird I guess, the egg boiled for 5 1/2 mins to the mark because I timed it and the hardest friggen part was peeling the shell off.

I was off to a good start with peeling but all of the sudden the egg started to break and I could see the yolk. I may have had a mini heart attack because I didn’t want to fuck this up but I did it, I managed to get the shell off and put it in the bowl without breaking it in my hand and having to start all over.

Here it is…


It was pretty damn yummy, I put some sea salt and pepper on it to give it some more flavour! I love this one and will probably make this lots of times. Maybe my boyfriend will like it, but I doubt it. LOL

Thanks for reading!

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