My Favourites from The Oscars 2015!

I’m not one to be a huge fan of award shows but this time my mum, sister and I decided to watch the red carpet. These are my favourite looks from this 2015 87th Annual Academy Awards, The Oscars.

x700 (1)

Sienna Miller

What caught my eye for this dress was the bottom, I absoluately love it. It fits her nicely, the top is different then most on the carpet and I love the “corset” looking lines down the front.

x700 (2)

Dakota Johnson

I loved 50 Shades of Grey and loved Dakota in it. This is one of my top dresses out of my favourites. I love the one shoulder with the diamonds, the simply pony tail with the red lipstick is amazing. Great look!

x700 (3)Anna Kendrick

This dress is also one of my favourites of the night, it’s breath taking and looks amazing on her with her skin tone.

x700 (4)

David Burtka and Neil Patrick Harris

I actually love both their suits. I like that they didn’t go with the typically black that most men would wear. Great job guys!

x700 (7)

Jennifer Lopez

This dress is pretty fun looking, I love the neck line and the puffiness of the dress. It’s something different and that’s something I would look for in a dress.

x700 (8)

Jennifer Aniston

This woman always looks amazing, I’m a fan for sure. I just love it, it’s simple yet not plain, fit looks great on her and I like the simple neck line.

x700 (5)

Josh Hutcherson

If you’re going to do the black suit then this is the way to do it. This looks amazing on him. He was the one guy that I said he actually looks great.

x700 (6)

Reese Witherspoon

Oh. My. God. I had a hard time picking if this one or my neck one was my favourite and I’m pretty sure this is the one but it was close. Reese always looks amazing but this one a wow dress. It hits her in all the right places, it’s classic.


Rosamund Pike

The last look of the night that was my favourite. Once again Oh. My. God. I love the colour, the neck line, the slit in the front, the detail of the dress. It’s just amazing and it looks great on her.

Alright! Those are my favourite looks, let me know if you agree or what you’re favourite outfits were!

Thanks for reading.


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