Throw Back Thursday: Skip It

Your entire life you work on skills to becoming an adult and some days being an adult just plain sucks. Bills, responsibilities, work, and all the stress, it can be a lot; it’s important to just take a moment, take a deep breath and remember to be a child again! Have fun with life!

Nothing is better than remembering that awesome thing we did, had, watched or listened to, that’s why I’m starting Throw Back Thursday! I’m going to write about something I did, had, watched or listened to from the 90’s!

Lets get started…

Skip It


Does anyone remember that awesome toy where you just skip over a ball that’s around your leg, again and again? I use to have one and, like every other girl in the 90’s, was obsessed with it!

It was a pretty pointless toy when you think about it now, but most toys are. Skip It had one of those old counters, that counted how many time it went around, girls would have mini competitions on who could get the highest number before someone tripped over it!

Tripping over it was the worst part of this toy, if you somehow missed it would fly right into your shin leaving a bruise, but of course after that happened we just kept skipping until it happened again.

Kids now and days would probably think Skip It is the most ridiculous thing since most play indoor with electronics. This was a pretty fun toy when I was a child and am curious to see if I could still use Skip It without killing me leg.

Let me know if you guys like this post and if I should continue it. Also if you did like this post tell me if you had this toy, what you thought of it or give me some suggestions!

Thanks for reading,


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