Received High School Diploma

I started high school back in 2005, and throughout the rest of the school years I pretty much had a hard time or just didn’t put the effort in.

My friend told me about this school in Toronto, Independent Learning Centre, it is a school that allows you to finish the high school courses you still need while still being able to work. In December 2012 I registered for the remaining credit I needed and in October 2013 I finished the course and the exam.

From October to now I never bothered to send in my transcripts to get my diploma, until now. I decided to get my transcripts, send them in and got approved.

Last night I got an email saying I have officially graduated and my diploma will be at my house in 4-6 weeks! I am very happy about this and I think my parents are too. I will make a short post saying when it has arrived and maybe with a picture!

Thanks for reading,


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