Axe Throwing!

This past weekend was my boyfriend’s birthday which he decided he wanted to go Axe Throwing to celebrate! We decided to go to STRYKE Target Range in Brampton, Ontario, Canada. He booked online at their website to pick the date and time which then I believe they call you to see which three items you want to do. My boyfriend choose axe throwing, archery and automatic air guns; the fourth one you could pick is knife throwing.

When we got there you go to one of the iPads that are on a stand and start the wavier process, it doesn’t take that long and it’s pretty simple. After you sign the waiver you go to the desk, get a wrist band and pay for it. Once everyone in your group has done that (and got ice for your beer) they take you to the lanes where you start having an adventure!

We started with axe throwing, there’s a coach with you the whole time which tells you how to do each item. With the axe throwing you practice for about 40 mins then you have a mini tournament with your group.

The next we moved into archery, this one was hard for me for some reason but it was still fun. You start off by the coach teaching you what to do, then you go in waves on practicing/your tournament. Once you shoot all your arrows and everyone else has you walk to the target and add up the points from your three best arrows. You wait for the next group to go and your back up.

After we’ve done all that we moved onto the guns, I completely sucked at this one but it was still fun in the end. It’s confusing to explain but one person shoots, another stands beside you to count your points and the coach counts how many rounds you’ve fired, you get 15 rounds. You keep going around until the end pretty much.

At the end you do a photo shoot with all the weapons you used then you get your scores added up to see who wins! I won first place at axe throwing and came tied for third over-all.

Of course you can take pictures and videos but my laptop is being wonky right now! Once I get the video uploaded I will add it to this post!

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