February Favourites 2016!

Makeup Favourite: 


Kat Von D Studded Kiss Lipstick – Tijuana Vibrant Spanish Red

I wanted a red lipstick but wasn’t sure which one to get so I went to Sephora. I found one online but the store didn’t have it so I walked around until I found one that caught my eye. This Kat Von D one is amazing, I bought it and tested it for one whole day – eating, drinking, talking, etc. It lasted all day long without having me to reapply and barely bled but I would buy a lip liner if you were going somewhere fancy. This lipstick is at Sephora for $26.00.

Skin Care Favourite: 


ChapStick Classic – Cherry

I know I’ve written about a different lip balm before but for this one I have been using it differently. I started to get extreme dry skin on my hands – I believe it’s eczema. I was using lotions but it was taking too long to get it to go away let alone stop itching so I started to use ChapStick on my hand. I figured that lip balm helps get rid of chapped lips so using it on my hand would help, I was 100% right. It cleared up faster and now I use this all the time for dry areas on my hands. This was a Christmas gift – stocking stuffer – so I’m not sure of the exact price or where it was bought but I’m sure it’s available at Walmart or Shoppers Drug Mart.

Hair Care Favourite: 


I’m not going to post a picture of it because I’m not trying to sell you a pair of scissor it’s just I used scissors to cut my hair. To keep your hair healthy we have to do the terrible and trim our hair. My hair was long due for a trim so I did it myself since I’m going to school for it. My hair felt better right away – I know it sucks but we must do the terrible! haha

Body Favourite:


Roots Roxana Pom Pom Toque

I needed a warm hat for winter since I live in Canada and found this toque probably two years ago. The Pom Pom is huge and I love that about it, it’s also a very warm! Sadly you can’t get these right now, the website says they’re sold out but I got it from Roots Canada for $30.00.

Home Favourite:


Quinn: The Life of a Hockey Legend by Dan Robson

I bought this book from Chapters for $32.00 and loved it. I’m not going to say much but go buy this book and read it!

Music Favourite:

Stressed Out by Twenty One Pilots

Random Favourite: 


Nerine Satchel Bag 

Bag obsession! Aldo actually has awesome bags so if you can’t afford something expensive check out their site! I got this one for $60.00.

Thanks for reading,


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