April Favourites 2016!

Makeup Favourite:

61473tarte Amazonian Butter Lipstick – Coral Blossom

I bought this lipstick in the Winter actually for the summer so I haven’t gotten to wear it outside but I have tested it out around the house. It’s a great lipstick, you all know I love tarte products and I suggest all the other shades. I got this at Sephora for $20.00.

Skin Care Favourite:


I’m not going to post a picture of water since I’m not trying to sell you a brand of water but water is the number one beauty product everyone should be using. Yes it’s good for your health but it’s always good for your skin and hair! I’ve been trying to drink more water and you can tell the difference in my skin. Everyone drink up!

Hair Care Favourite:


Speedo Silicone Swim Cap

I know this isn’t a beauty product but it’s one product that I’ve been using to help my hair stay healthy. As you know I am a lifeguard so that means I’m in the water a lot whether I be teaching or training. Now swim caps are not made to keep your hair dry but they do minimize the amount of time your hair is in the chlorine water. I just throw it on and when I’m done being in the water I wash my hair after. You can get this at Sport Chek for $14.99.

Body Favourite:

star-trac-nxt-spin-bikeSpin Class

I recently started doing a spin class on Monday nights with the city. It was my first time doing spin so I wasn’t sure what to expect but I love it. Your legs are sore after but it’s a great feeling, lungs feel good and you feel great about yourself. Exercise is key! This is the spin bike we use at class and it’s pretty good but I’m not trying to sell you on that.

Home Favourite:


Crest 3D White Whitestrips – Vivid

I, like most people, want white teeth so I started buying Crest WhiteStrips, I’ve tried out two different type of Crest strips that I will be writing a review about later on but I found them to work. I won’t go into much details since you can read the review later but people have told me my teeth are more white! I got these for around $30.00 you can buy them at most stores such as Walmart and Shoppers Drug mart.

Music Favourite:

Ophelia by The Lumineers

Random Favourite:


Celebrate by Lauren Conrad

I love LC- she’s such an inspiration! This actually came out like couple days ago but I read it in two days. It’s all about party planning and being a good host. I suggest buying this book if you like to have a good time and have fun! I got this at Chapters for $25.00.

Thanks for reading,



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