Battle Archery

Well hello! It’s been awhile since we’ve written about something off my 2016 list! I’ve done a couple of things and you will find out all throughout this week! I’m going to catch you up!

First we did Battle Archery! I’m sure many of you have saw some sort of ad on Facebook about Battle Archery, I know I sure have and I’m glad we did! For those of you who don’t know Battle Archery is pretty much like dodge ball but with a bow n arrow. The arrows have foam on the tips so it doesn’t hurt when it hits you. This is the most simple thing ever and it’s so much fun!

You get split into two teams (the more the better) and go crazy on each other. The first time I went I got my boyfriend square in the stomach, I was very happy since that was my goal for the night!

If you live in the GTA you can check them out at if not I’m sorry but check the world wide web to see if there’s one near you!


Check out the 2016 List

Thanks for reading!



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