COVID-19 Layoff: Day Eleven

The boredom was hella real today.

It poured this morning until 1pm so Drax was pretty much in bed. At around 1:30 – 2pm it got sunny and warm so I took Drax on a walk. He wasn’t expecting the heat and was a thirsty little boy so we cut it short. It was good we got our exercise in though. We came back and about 30-40 mins later it started to rain again, thankfully I didn’t get caught in it!

I literally did NOTHING today so I don’t have much to say. I did a cross stitch for my step dad, I honestly don’t know if he reads this, I’ll have to check with my mum before posting a photo, so you might see that tomorrow.

The rest of the day was a right off, we watching TV and ate pretty much. I’m going a little stir crazy and just want to be at work (who thought they would be saying that eh?)

Well my mum told me this there’s a living room concert that I wasn’t interested in but now I’m going to watch because why the hell not, plus the movie my boyfriend put on is weird and he’s not watching it anymore so too bad.

Thanks for reading,


One thought on “COVID-19 Layoff: Day Eleven

  1. Lol…living room concert was pretty good!
    It was nice to have a bit of sun to get out!
    Got to be strong!
    Luv ya❤️

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