COVID-19 Layoff: Day Twenty-Three

Lazy day!

I didn’t even take Drax out for his morning walk, Dave did and I think that’s why my day turned into a lazy one. In the morning we watched the news, made breakfast and chilled out, before we new it it was lunch time.

Dave made me watch the movie DUNE, it was made in 1984 and it was bad. Save yourself the time and don’t bother, I fell asleep during it. I woke up realizing I fell asleep and I need to get gravy from my sister for my turkey dinner.

I also got my pots from storage at my mum’s house because I only have two pots and that’s not enough to make a turkey dinner for one. I’ve had a nice stainless steel set sitting at my mum’s house waiting to be used so I got that, washed it and reorganized my kitchen so everything can fix without looking awful.

The rest of the night was reading my book about being financial stable! It’s called Broke Millennial, I thought it was going to be boring and not be able to understand it and took a shot buying it but my mind it actually blown. I actually understand things and am learning! Who would of thought!

Now I’m laying in bed with Drax about to go to sleep and hopefully be productive tomorrow because I need to clean!

Thanks for reading,


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