COVID-19 Layoff: Day Twenty-Five

Happy Easter!

Today was turkey day as I wrote in my previous blog. Today was chilling out in the morning then at 1pm I started turkey dinner. Now this was my first turkey dinner I made on my own and I was nervous at first LOL.

When I went shopping for turkey didn’t I didn’t want to buy this giant turkey for max two people so I went with the boneless Butterball turkey and Butterball stuffing. At the start you have to run the turkey under warm water for one minute then rip that easy bag open! Place in a roast with a rack and cook away. Funny story, I don’t own a rack so my mum let me borrow hers – it didn’t fit in my roasting pan so I didn’t even use it but the turkey still turned out well.

Once the turkey was in the oven I started to peel and cut my potatoes and carrots so all I had to do when the time came was turn the knobs on on the stove!

My sweet Easter set up with potato and carrots ready to go.

So the stuffing took an hour and half to cook, this part was the hard part – timing. I totally fucked it up, or so I thought. I ended up putting the stuffing in when the turkey only had hour left (fail I know) but it ended up working in my favour because I still had to drain potatoes and carrots, mash the potatoes, let the turkey sit then cut the turkey, set the table and make it an actually dinner at the table. In the end everything ended up being ready at the same time to eat. It’s not like I made the stuffing an hour late and we had to wait on it or anything!

Happy Corona Easter!

And then PUMPKIN PIE! It’s my favourite so it’s a must. That was my day, making turkey dinner and now watching some Netflix.

Thanks for reading,


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