COVID-19 Layoff: Day Forty-Three

It’s almost Friday!

Today wasn’t that great of a day. I was slightly productive but I had a migraine a day because it rained all day. I guess the weather has decided to finally be spring.

This morning Drax actually slept in but it was probably because of the weather (he hates rain), we went on our morning walk and got soaked because he was being slow and indecisive. Eventually I just pulled him to go back to the apartment.

Eventually after playing with Drax and breakfast I decided I was going to start organizing my pantry. For Christmas last year I got some organizing containers so I figured out what fit in where and what I could change so it made more sense and I didn’t have to spend so much! I then went on Kitchen Stuff Plus and ordered curbside 3 containers and a brown sugar attachment. I still have yet to get them because I didn’t get the email to pick it up until after the store is closed. So that’ll be tomorrow.

I added up most of my expenses and will finish the rest tomorrow. I completely forgot to take pictures of my plants today so that is also on my list for tomorrow. I actually have a big list for tomorrow so I shouldn’t be bored.

Dave and I just watched movies in the evening and got bored! Now I’m laying in bed hoping to fall asleep soon since I’ve been sleeping like crap!

That’s it for tonight.

Thanks for reading,


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