COVID-19 Layoff: Day Forty-Nine

Happy Hump Day.

Today was a tiny bit better. This morning Dave had a meeting over Skype so Drax and I just hung out until that was done then morning walks and play time.

The afternoon was pretty much Dave playing my animal crossing and we watched movies again until I got bored and took a Barbicide course for work. I didn’t have too but it was something to do and a good cerification to have with everything going on!

Now that slowly (extremely slow) things are getting back to normal I decided it was time to be active on my hair instagram page. After the course I started posting and getting active again in hopes that we’ll be working soon!

That was pretty much the day, movies and random courses, which is good small step! This weekend is Mother’s Day! Don’t forget about those Mamas! She did carry you for 9 months, or adopted you, or cared for you, or whatever that special woman did for you! Take a moment to (safely) shot out to them!

That’s all for today! Hope everyone is having a good week and keeping safe!

Thanks for reading,


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