COVID-19 Layoff: Day Sixty-Three

Today is about luck.

Well, I slept like shit again then Drax decided to wake me up early to get his morning started. I fed and walked him and decided I was going to have a morning nap since I didn’t sleep well, Drax had other plans. Instead of letting me sleep (like he does for Dave) I get pawed at, sat on and whined at to get up and play. So I got up, ate breakfast then took Drax to the park again.

Drax had fun at the park but it was hot so I tried to keep it short. I got him to take a rest in the shade away from patrol so I didn’t get in trouble for “hanging out” in a park.

My boy taking a rest.

We walked back to the car, got water into both of us and made our way back home. On the drive I had the windows open then out of nowhere I felt something hit me in the stomach. In my mind I was like “fuck I’m driving and a bug just flew on me.” Nope! A bird shit on me, through my car window, while I was driving. How the fuck does that happen? I instantly call Dave and he laughs. Called my sister, she laughed. Pretty much everyone laughed and was impressed on how it happened. Now everyone thinks I should buy a lottery ticket!

I came home, cleaned my shirt and bra then went down to make sure it wasn’t inside my car or in my back seat. It was clean thank baby Jesus. The rest of the day was Drax sleeping and me relaxing and watching Netflix! This time I finished Suits. I’ve been watching that for awhile and finally caught up. Good show, go watch that one too!

That’s all for today!

Thanks for reading,


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