COVID-19 Layoff: Day Seventy-Four & Seventy-Five

Day Seventy-Four:

Howdy! Today was a weird day. Dave and I woke up, walked Drax, I made breakfast then we went to my mum’s to file our taxes. Adulting. I wonder how messed up everyone’s taxes are going to be next year after all of this.

Eventually we came home, ate lunch then headed to Guelph to pick up fish for Dave’s fish tank. We drove back in time for Drax dinner and walk. The rest of the night we just hung out.

Day Seventy-Five:

Unfortunately, another boring day. I walked Drax a bunch, watched tv, did my workout and made dinner with Dave.

These days are turning into blurs and are not very interesting. In hoping I go back to work soon.

I did my expenses today and now I need to do Dave’s. But that’ll be another day.

Not much else to say!

Thanks for reading,


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