COVID-19 Layoff: Day Eighty-Eight & Eighty-Nine

Day 88:

Welp, this day wasn’t very interesting. Dave and I woke up and did some grocery shopping. We came back, put all our groceries away and hung out. The rest of the day was watching Netflix, we watch Da 5 Bloods, it was so good but holy was it ever long! It was around 9pm and we thought there was maybe 20min left, Dave said we’ll finish it up and take Drax on his evening walk. We checked how much time was left, we still had an hour! Needless to say we walked Drax and finished when we got back. Definetly go watch it.

Not an interesting day.

Day 89:

Today was a little bit more interesting.

My morning was the same with Drax but then it turned into a chill morning because Drax decided to nap. Around lunch time I took Drax out and had lunch and waited for Ford to make his announcement. Guess who’s going back to work Friday! After his announcement I did our laundry then got ready for my work meeting.

Our meeting was good, it was good to see everyone again but then we got to work with calling our clients to reschedule and book in our waitlist. It took some time, I didn’t even get through everyone since no one was answering their phones!

Anyways, I came home and made the instagram post so everyone knows and now I’m going to bed!

This is my last couple of days alone so it’ll be interesting and I gotta make it productive! I was suppose to workout today but that didn’t happen so tomorrow will have to be an extra good one!

Thanks for reading,


One thought on “COVID-19 Layoff: Day Eighty-Eight & Eighty-Nine

  1. New world for you! Going back to work I mean. Need to figure out how to include a workout. Get puppy ready to be alone. Happy for you ❤️

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