Aveda Earth Month 2017 in support of WaterAid

Dear Readers,

I’m participating in Aveda Earth Month 2017 and aim to personally raise $250+ in support of WaterAid to provided access to clean, drinkable water to thousands in need. Did you know that 1 billion people live without access to clean drinking water? Without safe water or sanitation, people are trapped in a cycle of poverty and disease. Across that developing world, millions of women are wasting precious time collecting dirty water and children are suffering from preventable illness.

This Earth Month, the Aveda Canada network aims to give back by raising $595,000 in support of WaterAid and change lives of 23,800 People forever. 

Please help me in my efforts to end the world water crisis. A $25 can provide one person with clean water for life. A $50 donation can provide a toolkit to maintain a village water point. What can save lives are often necessities we take for granted.

Your donation is tax-deductible and can be made through several methods, including cash, credit card and PayPal. Any amount, great or small, helps in the fight. You can make an online donation by going to http://give.watercan.com/goto/maeghancoulter 

Collega + Aveda Earth Month


Access to clean water gives mothers time. Let’s give her more time for what matters: family, opportunity, health. Support #EarthMonthCA.



Centennial Classic: Leafs vs. Red Wings

We are starting out 2017 with a bang! On January 1st my boyfriend and I went to the Centennial Classic at Exhibition Stadium (BMO Field) in Toronto, Ontario, Canada! 

I’ve personally never been to Exhibition Stadium, usually soccer or football is played here, it was packed with Leafs and Red Wings fans as you can see above. The weather was about 3°c but dropped to 2°c as the sun went away. 

Our seats we’re pretty good but we were sitting on bleachers so our butts we’re cold, well at least my boyfriend’s butt was cold. One of the best parts was the game was the national anthems, at the end they had a jet fly over which flew right over my boyfriend and I. It was so loud you could feel it in your chest. 

The first period went by pretty quick and we missed most of the second period getting food and going for washroom breaks, which was okay because everything happened in the 3rd. 

In the third the leafs took the lead until literally the last second of the game when the Red Wings scored. It went under review since everyone said the clock ran out. The goal was good and into overtime we went. It was intense, not a single soul was sitting down then Austin Matthews scores! I kid you not the bleachers were bending from people jumping up and down, everyone was yelling and high fives were all around. In that last 5 mins we all forgot we were freezing our butts off. 

It was a perfect way to start the new year off. Once in a life time experience and I’m so thankful of my boyfriend for making it happen. 

I hope you all have a great new year! 

Thanks for reading,


I’m Alive!

Hey Everyone!

I know I haven’t written in a really long time and I aplogize for that but it is because I’m currently enrolled at Aveda Institute Toronto! It’s an intense hairstylist program that I’m loving. When the Christmas break coming up I’m going to try to write and get you all updated!

I have one update for you which is I cut my hair! As you know I had pretty long hair and one day a student and I decided it needed to be cut so we did it that day! We took about 6-12 inches off!


There it is! Well I will hopefully be writing a lot in the upcoming break to get you updated!

Thanks for reading,


R.I.P Allen

This is a long over due post, I just haven’t gotten around to writing it. On Sunday January 17th my boyfriend and I just got home from the Reptile Expo in Toronto when my Mum called me to tell me about my chameleon Allen. She knows nothing about reptiles so she said he’s sick or dying or is dead, my boyfriend and I came to my house to find Allen hanging by a claw on the screen.

I knew something was up because he wasn’t eating for the last week but at the same time I thought he was just being his grumpy self, as he has not eaten before.

Allen was old for a chameleon so he lived a long life and it’s better that he’s not suffering anymore. He was a great first chameleon, he dealt with me learning how to take care of him and a few mishaps but always went green when I walked into the room. I’ve learnt a lot about chameleons from him and hopefully will get a new one in the near future.

You will be missed Allen.

Thanks for reading,


Meet Pippi!

As most of you know my cat Anica passed away in August, my family missed having a cat around so we decided to start looking around. My sister found PetSmarts online adoption website so we started to look from there. One day I was at my boyfriend’s house just hanging out while he was napping, I found a cat named Pippi. Pippi met all our requirements, grey, long hair, cuddly, and to not be picky with her food. I showed my mum right away to which we fell in love with.

The story on her page was that she lived on the streets of Toronto, Ontario, Canada for a year and half, there was a nice lady that would take care of her until Pippi showed her she had kittens. The lady took her to the animal place where they cleaned them all up, got their shots and made sure they got homes. Pippi didn’t have a home until we came around, apparently Pippi was in a PetSmart store but she hated it so they put her with a foster mum until someone came around to give her a loving home.

My mum called the number that was on her page, she had to do a phone interview to make sure that we were a good cat family. After that we had to call the foster parents to ask any questions and make a date to see her. When went to see her and I fell in love right away, so did my family I think but we ended up taking her home that night.

She was extremely shy, hid under everything but was slowly coming out, now Pippi is comfortable at her new home, she loves her cat house that looks over our big windows, she sleeps on all things soft, beds, and couches, loves trying to get human food like a dog and has the cutest meow when she wants her food.

Everyone meet our lovely Pippi!


Thanks for reading,