Replacement Concert

We have lift off!

The summer planning and list have been started! The edge walk is in the middle of being planned and the Jay’s game has been picked out, we just need to purchase the tickets! Last year we went to the Skrillex concert, it was the best experience I’ve had since I haven’t been to any concerts my whole life. This year we bought our tickets in advance, we were so pumped, talked about it all the time then we found out that it had been cancelled due to too many problems that they couldn’t get over. At this point this was the highlight of our summer and the truth is, we were extremely bummed.

Have no fear, we found a new concert to go to!


I’m actually pretty excited, we got our tickets last night and I watched some videos of the last years one. It looks insane and I’m probably going to die of heat, dirt and much more but it will be the best!

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