The Edge Walk


I did the Toronto Edge walk awhile ago but it was actually so fun. The day started off with my at my guys house and me missioning home to miss the bus. What a great start, I know. But don’t worry, I made it to the go station to meet my friend and we were off!

My other friends were coming aswell but they were late. Typical! It’s okay because they made it too! I didn’t eat before the walk which was probably a good thing because I am so scared of heights. Anyways, we go in to sign in and get our name things, I also saw my friend that works there and said hey to her. I was so pumped! We went in to get our suits on then learn the rules and what we can and can not do.


(The group all ready to go up the elevator)

After we were all ready, we went up the elevator which they talked a little. Then when we got to the top they hooked us up to the things to hold us up. My hands were shaking at this point but I was also very excited. Before we knew it the adventure began!


This is the group that I went with! It was so much fun and I wish I could do it all over again! I really suggest you should do it!


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