50 Things I like.

Hello everybody, I don’t really have much to write about tonight because I was at my boyfriend’s all night and day making sure he was okay…long story. The only thing I do have to say is that I don’t want to go to work tomorrow, I work open to close so that’s 7am-930pm. It’s going to be a long day, so tonight is just going to be a list blog again. You guys seem to like them. 

50 Things I like! (yay)

  1. My boyfriend (Dave, obviously:-))
  2. The colour purple.
  3. Sleep.
  4. Fastpitch.
  5. Friends…when they aren’t’ MIA.
  6. Junk food…my inner fat kid always wins.
  7. Pandora bracelets.
  8. Coach.
  9. Flowers (especially if they’re from my boyfriend. lol.)
  10. My dad. Don’t think I’m being rude…jeez…I just never get to see him because he moved so it makes me happy when I do see him.
  11. My cat.
  12. My puppies (dad’s house)
  13. Writing. 
  14. The fact that I’m Canadian. 
  15. That I have every kind of “white” in me; British, Irish, Welsh…etc.
  16. My eyes, not gonna lie they’re pretty cool. 
  17. My weirdness and when I find someone who is just as weird as me; it’s like weirdar.
  18. The Toronto Blue Jays, even though they sucked royal ass this year. 
  19. Ducks, ducks, and ducks. 
  20. Rainy days.
  21. Winter days when it’s not freezing out. 
  22. Cuddling.
  23. Sex.
  24. Reading.
  25. Being naked.
  26. Parties.
  27. Piercings.
  28. Halloween.
  29. Taking pictures. 
  30. Hot showers after a long day. 
  31. A clean room.
  32. Pumpkin pie. 
  33. Yoga.
  34. Loud, crazy people.
  35. The fact that I’m short.
  36. Cactus’.
  37. When my boyfriend puts his deodorant on and smells really good. 
  38. The fact that I’m Miss. Bagel.
  39. Music…I know typical answer. SHUT UP!
  40. Getting dressed up, like for weddings or a party.
  41. That feeling you get when you get touched a certain way and it send this good, tickling feeling down your spine. 
  42. My morning routine with my boyfriend.
  43. Drinking juice out of coffee mugs.
  44. Booster Juice.
  45. Mc.Donalds. Honestly though I have to make myself take a month break from it because I eat it so much. 
  46. White laptops…no not shitty macs.
  47. My boyfriend’s chameleon, Allen! He’s so cute. 
  48. Mini things.
  49. Weird crazy art that doesn’t make any sense. 
  50. History, but cool history like Titanic, old buildings. 9/11 and such. 

Thanks for reading! 

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