MIA/Pumpkins and Halloween

I’ve been crazy busy with life lately and I haven’t really had a time to just sit down and write/blog. I’m either working, trying to see my boyfriend (which is hard lately), doing things for my mum or figuring out all this Christmas shopping that I need to get a head start on. 

Work has been crazy busy and stupid because of my boss and some parents; I already wrote about that in my previous post. My boyfriend got a second job so now it’s even harder to see each other but were making it work, since I’m home all the time when I’m not working I’ve just been trying to get shit done so my mum isn’t so stressed. 

For some reason this year I’ve been getting excited about Christmas and getting everyone gifts, today I bought my first gift! I’m actually proud of myself because I’ve never started my shopping this early but since Halloween is over I can now start. All the stores are going to have their Christmas stuff out. 

Now for Halloween I didn’t get to go to a party or anything because both my boyfriend and I are broke and we had to work at night. Which is okay because I dressed up as a cat for the pool, but before I went to work I had a big break in between my shifts, so I told my sister to get pumpkins and we’ll carve them. Ever since we stopped going out for candy be just made the pumpkin thing a big deal. We normally cheat and print of something on the internet to carve out but this year we decided to go free hand. We could look at the internet for inspiration but then we had to draw it out on our own. 

My sister’s first one was bad, it was suppose to be a raven but it ended up looking like a chicken. So she just turned it around and started over to get this….



I decided to draw something on my own sort of. I drew it on a napkin first then I carefully drew it out on the pumpkin, it actually took my so long to draw it on cause I really wanted it to turn out nice. I ended up with this….


Now it wasn’t suppose to come out looking cute but it did and I like it that way. I was going to do diamonds at the bottom but I thought that would be too much so I didn’t. 

My sister and I make pumpkin carvings a competition every year, so please tell me which one you like better. 1 being the first pictures and 2 being the second picture! 

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