All I’ve ever wanted…

  1. To fall completely in loveImage
  2. To be happy. 
  3. To own a mini cooper countrymanImage
  4. To own my own small, cute house.
  5. To be able to play fastpitch foreverImage
  6. To be fit. 
  7. To have the motivation to go to the gym every/every other day. 
  8. To have a planned mistake (as my boyfriend puts it…)
  9. To feel healthy.
  10. Complete all my goals.
  11. Have a cool ass wedding with a sick corset dress. 
  12. To make this the one of many best Christmas’ for my boyfriend. 
  13. To have a great new year kiss (for once)
  14. To not completely fuck up a relationship somehow. 
  15. To be able to talk to people without being awkward and really shy. 
  16. To be interesting and outgoing. 
  17. To never lose my weirdness. 
  18. To be confident with myself and what I do. 
  19. To have motivation to get things done like my G2 for example. 
  20. Not to be rich, but to be wealthy. 


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