8 days until Christmas


I am happy to say that I am FINALLY done all my Christmas shopping! I finished it yesterday with my sister, I just had to pick up a couple more things so I was there for like a max of 2 hours. It was definitely not my day yesterday, it was cold, snowy, windy, my socks kept falling down and I kept walking into everything possible. I knocked over things is store, bumped into people and I dropped my bags in the car ride home so everything fell out of the bag! 


I love Christmas wrapping, I love that there is so many things I can wrap! I’m really good at wrapping I swear I should have a wrapping business around the Christmas time or just apply to be a wrapper at the mall. I wrapped all my gifts, half of my mum’s and my sister’s that she bought. My mum says that I have more to wrap but she hasn’t gotten it yet! My Christmas tree has so many gifts under it already, my mum said that she was worried because she hasn’t even put our gifts under yet! 


My Christmas is actually going to be so busy so I will not be writing around the holidays unless I get really bored or sick of my family and come up to my room to write. I have done that before since I don’t like a couple people that came over. It’s funny because you look around the room and all the sudden my mum noticed that I am no where to be found and everyone else asked, she just said that I had to go upstairs for something. In reality I just sit on my computer or listen to music on my iPod so no one can hear it. I probably won’t be able to do that this year since I think my boyfriend is going to be over, unless he wants to come up to my room! 

Dec 23rd – This is when my uncle Wayne in going to come over. I never really get to see him and he his honestly the best uncle ever. He goes to concerts and everything. He always brings donuts and he actually asks about what we are doing and has an actually interest in them. He is honestly the best uncle. 

Dec 24th – This is when I go to my dad’s house for Christmas. We go there to open our gifts because he moved far away so we can’t do what we use to do. After we open all our gifts and spend time with my dad, my step mum’s friends come over to drink and have fun. I told my boyfriend and best friend to come so we can hot tub, drink and have fun; maybe even a fire with smores. 

Dec 25th – This is CHRISTMAS. In the morning (I mean really early like 7 AM) my sister will wake us up and we open our gifts. That will take a couple hours since my mum likes to take pictures and such when we do it. Then we get ready for the people to come over. My other uncle and his family comes over (these are the people I don’t really like much), my aunt (who I love) will come over at some point. Also my boyfriend comes over but I have no idea when that will be happening. We stay home on this day but my mum makes dinner, my aunt, her boyfriend, my nana and my family including my boyfriend and my sister’s boyfriend all stay for the food. I might be going to my boyfriends house after I am not sure, it’s up to him what we do but I have to go to my father’s again.

Dec 26th – We go back to my dad’s because I have to sit through my step mum’s family dinner. I am thinking about bringing Jello to that one too since I will be bored as fuck. No one on my step mum’s family talks to me, it’s actually so stupid so I end up sitting there doing nothing or just hanging with my dad. I am going to bring my bathing suit and go hot tubing for sure that day. 

After all this shit happens I get to start to relax until I have my staff training for work. It’s actually so stupid and I hate it! 




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