Sochi Animal Cruelty.

I’m sure you’ve all heard about the Olympics on TV, radio and such, but have you heard about what they are doing to animals over there? 

Now I’m just going off of what I’ve heard and read about, I’m not naming names or anything. I’m just writing about what I’ve heard and my opinion of it. If this is going to bother you then you better stop reading now. 

You’ve been warned. 

The first thing that I heard about was with the whales. If you’ve haven’t heard about the whales, the situation with them is two wild whales have been captured and are being put in a tank on display for the Olympics. When whales are captured and put in captivity their life span is extremely shortened and they can suffer from sensory deprivation. When you take an animal away from where it lives, you’re taking it away from it’s family. All you mothers and fathers, imagine someone taking your child away from you and not knowing where they are going, how would you feel? It’s the same thing, so don’t say I’m blowing this up by comparing it to humans. Every person and animal have families, they were made, they have mums and dads, they have someone who loves them and taking those whales away from their families is animal cruelty. 

After hearing about this my opinion of Sochi was they’re assholes. I’m sorry if you live there but this is what people are thinking, I’m just saying it out loud. Yes whales are beautiful and fun to see because it’s not something you see everyday but why do you need to take them away from where they live? If you really want to see whales that bad, go whale watching but this is completely stupid. I honestly don’t understand why they even thought of this, what does a whale have to do with the Olympics anyways? Cheer for your damn country and that’s that. 

There is a petition that you can sign to get them to put them back in their homes which has been sent off to see if it will work. To me, this is not a positive imagine for Sochi at all, if anything it’s just making them look bad. Yes you want everything to be perfect and look amazing but this, this is too much and isn’t right. 

The second thing I heard about going on over there was with dogs. Apparently they have a lot of stray dogs around where the Olympics are being held and instead of taking them to a shelter and trying to get them better so people can make them pets and take care of them, they hired a company to kill them off. 

There first thought was to kill them off because no one wanted them, how the fuck do you know if someone doesn’t want a dog? I’ve had dogs my whole life, they are amazing animals. They’re the only animal that I know of that freaks their shit when you come home, they literally wait all day long for you to come home and to get some love from you. 

Now I’ve heard they after this got released, the company said they would make a shelter for them but no shelter has been seen being built. I’m assuming they were lying assholes and continued to do what they were doing. Once again Sochi, you look like a complete dick.

Now to me if anyone abuses animals in anyway (which includes taking them away from their homes), should be shot. They are helpless, they don’t speak English so they can’t beg you to stop. I yell at people if I see them being mean to animals, it’s so wrong on so many levels. Anyone who abuses animals is a sick fuck and you might as well be in the same category as a rapist.

After hearing about these two things it made me say I wasn’t going to watch the Olympics. All they want is money and they are doing it all the wrong ways.

I really hope Sochi fixes these two fuck ups because I know this isn’t going away for them, it’s just making the place look terrible.

That’s just my opinion.  

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