Meet Allen the Chameleon

If you’ve read my blog before you know that my boyfriend has a pet chameleon named Allen. Well my boyfriend’s family has been wanting to move for awhile now and they finally decided that they were actually going to do it. My boyfriend has a bunch of animals that he takes care of but the Realtor doesn’t want them in the house or at least where people can see them. He has the chameleon, a gecko, 6 big dart frogs, 13 baby dart frogs and 2 tiny dart frogs. The frogs are in tanks and they have heaters attached to them so they should be fine in the basement, the gecko is in a tank as well but it doesn’t have to top to it since she can’t climb. Her tank is half heated so if she gets too hot she can just go to the cold side. My boyfriend thinks they should be fine down there but he’s very worried about them, just in case he has a portable heater that he put down there to help them stay warm. 

The chameleon on the other hand cannot go into the basement, he asked me if I would take care of him so I said yes. (Yes this means I have him until they move or at least sell the house.) Yesterday my boyfriend brought him over since they are taking pictures of the house on Sunday and I won’t see him since he works. I just wanted to show you guys his set up and how cool these animals really are. I am not a pro with reptiles, I’ve just learnt all the things from my boyfriend. I have fed and held him at my boyfriends more then one time, I also wake up before my boyfriend so I’m the one who sprays him since he won’t drink from his dripper. So lets get started! 

The Tank: We call it a tank because we are so use to calling the other animals tank but it’s more like a cage I guess you can say, tank also sounds a lot better. I don’t know the size of the tank but it takes up my whole desk and my mum was shocked how big it was for such a little guy. We have a real plant in there that he hides in sometimes, real and fake branches all around so he can climb on or just hang out, we have a fake plant in the top left back corner which he loves a lot and usually sleeps and finally we have a dripper in the front left corner that he isn’t sure about. The tank itself is screen so he can climb all around on that; switch he loves to do – we call it Allen’s Adventures. The most important thing that is apart of the thank that you see if the light that is on top. That is what keeps him warm, and gives him a sense of night and day. We have it set to a timer so we don’t have to worry about not being home to turn it off or on. 


The Dripper/Spray Bottle: As I said he is scared of the dripper, it’s just two fake leaves and water drops off of them like they would in the wild. We see him looking at it all the time like he knows what it is but won’t drink off of it, we’ve also been mean and tried holding him up to it but he just runs up our arms to get away from it. So instead we spray all the leafs that he climbs around on and we make it seem like it’s raining on him. When we do this he either drinks the water off the leafs like he would in the wild or he drinks the water that’s falling off of him. It’s very cute to watch him drink when we make it rain. My boyfriend forgot to bring over the spray bottle from his house but not to worry we both work in rec centres so I just asked maintenance if I could have one they’ve never used and was empty, they gladly gave me one. The only problem with that was I had to find someone who knew my boyfriend since he use to work there. The guy I asked was confused until I told him I was watching his chameleon. 



Crickets: Yup, if you do not like touching bugs then this pet is not for you. I hate touching the crickets but I will show you want I use so I don’t have to after. You can get crickets from any pets store in Canada, I don’t know about anywhere else but they all have them here. My boyfriend was nice enough to buy some so I didn’t have to go out and get any for now. You can get small or big ones, he eats both but small ones are easier to deal with if you had bugs. Allen is a picky eater, sometimes he doesn’t want to eat at all so we kind of feed him small piles at a time, if he seems like he wants to eat we will give him more. 


Cricket Shaker: My boyfriend normally just picks up the bugs, puts them in a container, shakes the powder on them and feeds the guy but I hate bugs so I’m obviously not going to do that. My boyfriend was nice enough to buy me this thing called a Cricket Shaker. It’s pretty cool, you’re suppose to put the powder in there but he forgot it. You put the crickets in the container, and it comes with this pipe that they climb up and when it’s time to feed you can put the crickets into the cage or into a container and let him eat them out of there. That way you know for sure how much he eats. This thing was so dusty and he told the cashier that I was watching it and I’m such a girl for hating bugs. It’s true, bugs are not my thing at all so I’m glad I have this. 


(There was dust all over it cause I’m pretty sure know one uses this!)



The Chameleon/Allen: I believe he is a veiled chameleon, I’m not sure though. He’s just a green little guy about the size of my hand not including his tail. He changes to the typically colours of black/brown, yellow, gets spots, and some colour designs depending how he feels. Not much you can say about him besides the fact that he can be a grumpy one, he’s a picky eater and likes to climb on top of my head. 


Alright so he is the little guy that I love so much. He is still getting use to being here so hopefully he is enjoying it though. If you have any questions I will try to answer them as best as I can but remember I don’t really know that much other then what I’ve done with this guy with my boyfriend. 


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