DietBet Update

It has officially been one month and the DietBet that I started is over. The two people that won are my bestfriend and step-dad, they will get their money soon. 

I thought it would be semi easy to only lose 4% of your body weight, I ate healthy, I worked out, swam a lot and yet I didn’t lose any weight. I lost like half a pound at the start then just stayed there and then eventually I gave up. Now I’m back to just being me, I’m going to do what I want and try to eat healthy but if I want to pig out I am going to do so. I lose more weight just being myself and doing what I want rather then looking at what I’m eating and making sure I’m exercising. I actually gained weight doing this! 

Anyways, this is just an update, I am now going to nap since it’s been a long day. 

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