Titanic: The Musical

Spoiler Alert! There is details about the musical in this blog, if you plan on seeing the musical in person read at your own risk – spoilers!

My family and friends all know that I’m in love with the movie Titanic. I’ve been to museums, I’ve read numerous of books, I even have a fake heart of the diamond necklace. I know the heart of the diamond isn’t real and it was just put in the movie but I still am really interested in the crash and all the people that were on it.

I was on the Toronto website that had ideas of what people could do for the summer, Titanic The Musical was on the website. Now my mum was the only person who would come with me since I watched the movie a million times when I was younger and ruined it for my sister. We got tickets a couple weeks early so we could get great seats.

We ordered our tickets online, a couple days before they email you all the tips you need to know. They told us when we need to be there, that you can pre-order drinks and snacks for intermission.

We drove to Toronto early and went to the restaurant called Elephant & Castle, it was a British Pub and had really good food. Unfortunately I wasn’t feeling very well so I didn’t eat too much but still the food was good. After we ate we walked down to the theatre, figured out where we need to go to find our seats, went to the washroom before the show (this is a good idea by the way) then we got drinks and pre-ordered drinks and snacks for intermission.

Our seats were great in my opinion, they were on the second balcony of the Princess of Wales Theatre. Our seats were on the end and only the second row. The moment you walk in you can see the set, there is a guy that sits at the table like he is working then the musical starts! The set is amazing, it looks like the deck and the way they use it makes perfect sense.

The two best parts about the set is they had trap doors for the engine room that steam comes out of it and when the boat sinks that set moves to act like it is actually sinking! Honestly for the first time going it was a great musical to see!

I was sad when it finished because it was great and I had an amazing time with my mum, it was a great mother-daughter date!

I did take a picture of the set but I’m not going to post it since I’ve already given so many details.

Let me know if you saw the Titanic Musical and let me know what you thought of it!

Thanks for reading,


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