Throw Back Thursday: Doodle Bear

Doodle Bear was a normal toy stuffed animal that came with markers so you could draw on it. The good part was that Doodle Bear was put in the wash and the markers would be gone so you could start drawing on it again!


I actually loved this bear so much, I thought it was pretty cute and cuddle; not to mention I got to draw on it without getting into trouble!


(With marker on it about to go into the wash)


(Fresh and clean!)

Now and days they have a new version of this toy but I think the old ones look better than the new, tell me what you think.

Did you have a Doodle Bear?

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One thought on “Throw Back Thursday: Doodle Bear

  1. For the past 20 years, I’ve been collecting these.My very first one that I owned was the “Tie Dye Fun” Doodle Bear, the purple one. Ever since then, my collection has grown.I don’t like the newer ones much either, but me being an impulse shopper, I bought a few. Here’s my collection (so far), I’m always checking for more.

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