R.I.P Anica

In Loving Memory of Anica (also know as Kitty)


This past weekend my cat, Anica took a turn for the worst. She stopped eating and drinking and was having a hard time breathing.

My family all gathered to say our goodbyes in case we had to put her down. It was definitely hard to deal with and I know my family and I are still dealing with it.

It’s always hard losing a furry friend, but my Mum and step-dad took her to the vet where she got blood test done and a check up to see what was going on. It turns out it was all internal and there was possible tumours. The best was to put her down so she wouldn’t be in pain anymore.

About Anica,

  1. Her favourite snack was cat treats or tuna.
  2. She loved kleenex, for some reason she would go to town eating it.
  3. Every Friday I would brush her, as soon as she saw the brush she would meow like crazy and hop right on to the stool.
  4. She loved getting ‘superman’, when my step-dad would come down the stairs and rub her belly until she attacked him.
  5. She had a pet bear she would carry around – she thought it was her baby.
  6. She loved sitting outside on the balcony with my mum in the morning.
  7. For some weird reason she loved the smell of bleach, whenever we cleaned the bathroom tub we needed to make sure the door was closed.
  8. She hated my nana, we joked about it all the time.
  9. We have these blue tea plates that if she heard she would look up then run to us because she thought she was getting tuna.
  10. No matter what was on your plate she had to come over smell it or try a little bit of it to see if she would like it. Lets say we shared our dinners a lot with her.

I had Anica since I was around 7 I believe, I am now 24 so she had a good long life. I will miss her greatly. R.I.P Kitty.

One thought on “R.I.P Anica

  1. I miss kitty (aka babe)

    You forgot some key points

    1. She hated all technology. Especially cell phones.
    2. She had a red bear which once we picked up she knew he was getting catnip.
    3.her favourite holiday was Xmas (she love tissue paper).
    4. She licked her belly bare.
    5. She drank water out of a normal cup that had to be on the coffee table.

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