Meet Pippi!

As most of you know my cat Anica passed away in August, my family missed having a cat around so we decided to start looking around. My sister found PetSmarts online adoption website so we started to look from there. One day I was at my boyfriend’s house just hanging out while he was napping, I found a cat named Pippi. Pippi met all our requirements, grey, long hair, cuddly, and to not be picky with her food. I showed my mum right away to which we fell in love with.

The story on her page was that she lived on the streets of Toronto, Ontario, Canada for a year and half, there was a nice lady that would take care of her until Pippi showed her she had kittens. The lady took her to the animal place where they cleaned them all up, got their shots and made sure they got homes. Pippi didn’t have a home until we came around, apparently Pippi was in a PetSmart store but she hated it so they put her with a foster mum until someone came around to give her a loving home.

My mum called the number that was on her page, she had to do a phone interview to make sure that we were a good cat family. After that we had to call the foster parents to ask any questions and make a date to see her. When went to see her and I fell in love right away, so did my family I think but we ended up taking her home that night.

She was extremely shy, hid under everything but was slowly coming out, now Pippi is comfortable at her new home, she loves her cat house that looks over our big windows, she sleeps on all things soft, beds, and couches, loves trying to get human food like a dog and has the cutest meow when she wants her food.

Everyone meet our lovely Pippi!


Thanks for reading,



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