Esther the Wonder Pig

If you don’t know who Esther the Wonder Pig is you’re missing out! Long story short, Steve Jenkins and his partner Derek Walter got a mini pig that turned out to be a full size commercial pig and kept it.

Their Instagram and Facebook page is a hit with posting daily pictures of this wonderful pigs life. They recently wrote a book – which I read in a day – and did book signings for it. Now I’ve been busy lately and had no idea this book signing was happening near me, thankfully my boyfriend told me about it. Once again my sister and I made a day of it ending off the day with the signing. We went to the Chapters in Brampton, sat down and waiting for Esther’s parents to come on stage.

They did a Q and A then signed all the books, they’re actually extremely nice gentlemen and care about the animal world. I was actually so happy to meet them!

If you want to learn more about Esther and her family you can look them up on Instagram and Facebook or check out their website at

These great men made a sanctuary for animals like Esther, you can donate to help them out, volunteer on the farm or just go for a tour, more information is at their website at

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