Got My G2 – Finally!

For me getting my G2 was a struggle, most things that involve test makes me nervous and therefore I do terrible.

I started out with driving school back in August 2015! It was great, finished the class and got a kick ass grade. I was told in two weeks I should get a call from a driving instructor and I should start my lessons, well, I didn’t start my lessons until March 2016. By Mid April I was ready for my first test, or so I thought!

All said and done I failed because I went 50 km/h in a school zone (which you should be driving 40km/h) that to them is an automatic fail. My Uncle, being the amazing man he is told me he would take me out to practice for my next test; we went out twice a week if we both could make it and it paid off; I’m a killer parallel parker now! By Mid May it was time for my second test, at this point I’m thinking, “Okay I got this! I will pass!” Sure enough I do a rolling stop at a red light trying to turn right – once again to them that’s a automatic fail. When I told people this they thought they were crazy, usually that’s a warning and they still pass you. So once again, my awesome Uncle told me he will take me out driving but this time we were using his car for the test and he was coming with me. Sure enough Mid June comes and I pass the test! I was so happy I was almost dancing in the Drive Test centre!

Now my next challenge is to get my G but focusing on school first! Another one bites the dust! Check out my 2016 List at

Thanks for reading!


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